Women’s body language when attracted to a man

There could be a number of reasons of why you want  to know women’s body language when attracted to a man and understand if a specific lady trusts you.

It could be   for example that you want to make sure that she’s  not codependent or insecure in a relationship or   it could simply be to find out if the bond that  you have together can actually develop into   something stronger, because let’s face it, if you  don’t really trust the person that you’re dating   it’s well majorly unlikely you will have a  long-term relationship with them.

So today   let’s dive into women’s body language when attracted to a man and the many different signs that a  lady trust you like.

Women’s body language when attracted to a man

Women's body language when attracted to a man
Women’s body language when attracted to a man

1.      She does not act suspicious

The very first sign is she does not act suspicious,  this friend is probably the most easiest sign to   spot.

I’m sure you’ve been in a relationship in  the past that you feel that the lady is always   looking over your shoulder whenever you pick  up your phone to answer a call or even just   swiping through Instagram.

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She’s gonna be looking  over your shoulder just to see what it is you’re   actually getting up to, so have a think, does  she ask who called you or even who messaged you.

If so, it could be a sign that she might  have an element of distrust in your behavior   however though on the flip side if she does  not become passive aggressive she doesn’t seem   phased about the people that have contacted you well it’s a sign that she trusts you.

2.      She doesn’t   check up on you

If you go out with a bunch  of guys for the day or even on a lads holiday   if she doesn’t show any signs of frantic panic  to find out what you’re doing and who you’re   going with this is a sign that she trusts you.

You can also spot this in her behavior when you   arrive home late, of course let’s say it,  arriving home is a little bit disrespectful,   let’s say for example she’s cooked a fancy  meal and she’s told you hours in advance   that you have to be home for a certain time, of  course it makes sense that she’s going to be a   little bit irritated if you show up an hour late.

However though you can judge someone’s behavior in   this moment to really understand if she trusts  you or not.

If she becomes passive aggressive   and is more concerned of who you were with and  what you were doing as opposed to being an hour   late and making sure you weren’t in a car crash,  well yeah that’s going to help you identify if   she trusts you or not.

3.      she asks for your guidance  or even your help

A lady that asks you for your   help is someone that trusts that you can do the  job well or just provide amazing advice and that   you won’t be rude or unkind in any way.

Let’s take  for example a decision that she needs to make, if   she comes to you with her choices and asks you to  help her pick between let’s say a course to study,   this is an element of trust.

She wants you to  offer guidance of what you think will be the   best fit for her, it does sound a little bit fluffy  doesn’t it ?

How does someone asking for your advice   mean they trust you, well think of it in this way,  someone that you are letting yourself love and   letting them love you back well, you won’t feel  that need to compete with them.

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You don’t feel   the need to undervalue their advice and you don’t  find them threatening in any way.

Usually a girl   that does not trust you will not want to hear any  of your advice to help her out and that is because   she feels that you won’t provide good advice and  that she can’t trust you.

4.      You are involved in major   decisions that she makes

Women's body language when attracted to a man
Women’s body language when attracted to a man

Now this tip does tie  in pretty close to the previous one, a lady that   makes major life decisions and has you included  is a lady that trusts you and values you greatly.

A very simple example would be she doesn’t want  to take that new job move because well it means   she can’t have a relationship with you because  maybe she’s going to move across the world   many miles away and she doesn’t want to miss out  on you.

5.      She can communicate freely

this is the most   important sign of the post, if you’ve ever dated  someone that has got a lot going on internally   and lacks their trust for you, you will totally  understand this next point.

Someone that trusts you   is able to be honest and they are going to have  amazingly open communication in the relationship,   that means they can tell you if they feel hurt,  they can say hey! “you did this and i didn’t like   it or maybe can you do more of this or even simply  i’m developing strong feelings for you and i think   you are incredible”.

Someone that does not trust  us will not tell us these nice things, sometimes   people that don’t trust us won’t even tell us when  they are annoyed at our actions, instead they just   detach and become passive aggressive and try to  punish us.

So think of it in this way, someone that   trusts you will want to always build a meaningful  connection even during those sad hurtful times.

6.      She introduces you to her V.I.Ps

Her vips are the  close unit of people that she hangs out with,   could be parents, could be friends or  even extended family members or guardians.

Someone that does not trust you is gonna feel  very uneasy and not want to explore life with   you.

Mainly she doesn’t want to open up to you and  doesn’t want you to meet these important people   and it could be because she’s not really too  sure how the relationship is going to play out   long term.

When on the other hand if you have met  these close people, it’s a big sign that she does   trust you now a good rule of thumb is that you  should meet your ladies vips within the first   six months, but let’s say perhaps that maybe these  people live miles away you’ve never met them,   obviously she still want to talk to these people  on the phone and if you’ve had brief conversations,   if you know all about them, this is a sign that you  have been included into the life of these vips so   even if you find yourself in a conversation where  she’s telling you all about her best friend’s   boyfriend troubles and you find yourself getting  pretty bored this is actually a big deal.

She is   emotionally offloading her friend’s problems onto  you and that’s because she trusts you.

You probably   didn’t expect this, did you ? a girl that  complains about things to you is a sign that she   wants to emotionally connect and open up to you  also known as trusting you.

7.      She is affectionate

let’s forget about verbal communication and  talk about the non-verbal signs for a second,  do you feel that she’s actually emotionally close  to you ? does she engage in prolonged eye contact ? is   she warm affectionate when she tells you stories  about her day ?No matter if they are good or bad.

Does she let you speak when you’re not feeling  good ? does she have signs of loving tones in her   voice when you speak as well ?

If so, these are all  signs she trusts you if she is able to emotionally   connect to you.

No matter if you feel good or bad  it means she wants you to stick around for the   long haul, she cares about you therefore she can  trust you.

8.      She treats you with respect

It is very   hard you know to disrespect someone we trust so if  you notice she’s always putting you down, talking   about your faults, telling you to improve, basically  any form of behavior which does not come from   a compassionate place of love well it means  she’s got something going on internally   that’s preventing her from trusting you.

9.      She opens  up

Women's body language when attracted to a man
Women’s body language when attracted to a man

The biggest sign of trust in a relationship   is emotionally sharing our past, it could be  those traumatic things that have happened to us.

It could be our fears or even weaknesses, so if you  have already had that heart-to-heart conversation   where she’s actually told you those nitty-gritty  deep down things that she doesn’t tell people in   a way to feel empowered this is a huge deal.

it’s a  sign that she trusts you with that very sensitive   information, people that don’t trust have a hard  time opening up to people, it will always feel   that you’re having a surface level relationship.

10. She initiates

it could be communication or even   sexual advances, someone that trusts us is willing  to share and connect and you know what ? they will   not be afraid of that rejection.

They won’t get  upset if you don’t respond to their text message   within a certain hour and they don’t get upset if  you tell them, you know what ? tonight i’m just not   feeling in the mood let’s just cuddle instead.

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Most  people that don’t trust us are a lot less willing   to put themselves out there because they fear  rejection.

Now of course we all naturally fear   rejection and it does suck when we do get rejected  however someone that trusts you is more willing to   offer something with that chance that they won’t  get it back just because they want you to feel   good to build a connection and you will find  that if she doesn’t offer communication first   she is never calling you first, she never  really makes any effort to set up dates,   well it’s a sign she’s closed off and she  does not trust you.

11. She remembers the small   things

someone that trusts us can emotionally  invest. They understand how important the small   things are for us.

For example she could buy  you an incredibly thoughtful birthday gift   or she gives you something just for the sake  of it because she knows you will appreciate it.

She is able to look outside of herself and focus  on your needs and that means offering you support   and leverage whenever she can.

Now this is not a  rule of thumb to go by in a relationship but it’s   a good one to be mindful of .

So let’s say you do  receive gifts when there’s not   really a reason to celebrate, it could just be  a random gift on a tuesday afternoon, it’s a sign   they trust you.

For example if she arrives to your  apartment with your favorite coffee order and your   favorite takeaway on a day that’s just random  or a day where you’re not feeling your best well   it’s a sign of trust, as she’s trying to go outside  of herself to make you feel good.

12. She is willing   for you to invade her personal space

Someone that  is okay to share their life with us is someone   that trusts us. They don’t get aggressive when  their partner wants to come along and do things   with them.

I had a friend whose relationship  sadly ended in a bad way and after talking   to him about it we both realized that that girl  never actually trusted him.

Now here’s the example,   he used to go over to her apartment and he would  leave a spare set of pajamas and a toothbrush   in the bathroom, however every time he went back  over, she would always say oh you left your stuff   here.

I washed your pajamas and also here’s your  toothbrush and then handed him his belongings, now   naturally when we date someone, we kind of merge  in our personal space together we do leave an   extra jacket, pair of shoes, a spare toothbrush  at their house because well we are expecting   to go back there again.

So if you notice that  your lady is trying to keep her space strictly   hers and your space strictly yours, well it’s a  sign she does not feel trust.

Women’s body language when attracted to a man: Conclusion

Women's body language when attracted to a man
Women’s body language when attracted to a man

There you go, we’ve   reached the end of the post on women’s body language when attracted to a man, I really hope this  post helped.

Leave your comments down below, if   you feel like missed something from this post.

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