Why is she ignoring me but looks at my Instagram stories

Why is she ignoring me but looks at my Instagram stories ? is a question guys ask when they get mixed signals from women.

This is a coming situation most guys find themselves in.  They have a girl whom they’ve indicated interest in, at first she reciprocates and shows that she’s interested then all of a sudden she starts pulling a way whenever you get to meet her in person but she still has her eyes on your stories – whether on Facebook, Instagram or any social media app you both share in common.

If you read this blog post to the end, you will find out why women act this way and what you should do when she ignores you but looks at your Instagram stories (or whatever story).

Women love to toy man; it’s funny how you guys do not still get this. They love to toy with men and she knows that you know she watches your stories.

Yes, she knows that you can see who is watching your story. They love to toy with men.

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You remember when we were kids and girls would love building barbies and all that stuff, like that they would love to build a little dollhouse and make it all nice so they can look at it, and what were men doing?

What were little boys doing? Playing games and fighting.

Women have been like this all their life. They love playing, they love you manipulating and guys the games we play are fighting games and sports.

Men don’t have time to be manipulative and we don’t want to do that. That’s just not who we are by nature.

She loves toying with you, she knows that you want to f*ck her. She thinks like these guys.

She sees all the guys that want to f*ck her and it’s like she’s keeping tabs on all of y’all.

Every time she goes on instagram, she tells herself oh look at all the guys that want to f*ck me.

It gives her an ego boost. If you go on my instagram right now I don’t think I follow 10 girls.

I don’t watch any of these stories. I don’t! I could care less if they watch mine because I know how they are.

They are manipulative, she knows that you see that sh*t. you guys got to start thinking two, three steps ahead.

You guys have to start thinking two or three steps ahead. You think she don’t see that? She knows that you see her watching your story; she knows that that’s eating you up.

She wants to leave you that grain of hope, that’s it, guys. Do not let these girls outsmart you all.

She’s trying to leave you that little scent of hope so you could keep chasing and they love that they love that ego boost that this guy wanted me and they want to continue to want them.

They want you to always be thinking about them, that’s why I delete them.

I don’t follow any of them. think about it, if she rejects you but she still watch your stories she’s sending you the message that hey I might still be interested, uh I’m still watching you, uh so they pursue me some more.

Because this is how men think, if I don’t want you, I don’t want you. I’m not going to follow you on Instagram, I’m not going to watch none of that sh*t, that’s how men think, well at least that’s how most men I know think.

If a girl rejects me or if I reject a girl, I don’t want something about your life.

Think about it guys, just think about how manipulative they are.

What girl have you rejected that you still watch her stories or you still follow her.

We don’t do that kind of sh*t.  We men don’t have time to be spying and watching girls whom we don’t like or we say we don’t like.

We don’t do no sh*t like that but they want to leave you a little grain of hope, a little sprinkle.

They tell themselves, let me give him a little sprinkle of hope, oh maybe he going to think that I still like him.

She is watching your stories everyday and you’re there thinking that she still like you.

She’s just leaving you a grain of hope bro. she’s manipulating!

Men don’t work that way, we don’t! That’s why it’s so confusing to us. That’s why you guys are like why is she doing this?

Because we can’t imagine ourselves doing that, you know what I’m saying.

Men can’t imagine somebody we said we don’t like, that we’re going to still be spying on them, where they, watching their stories and all that, we won’t do anything like that.

But guys we are not women. Men are not like that, men are not manipulative creatures.

We don’t do no sh*t like that. Let me tell you the hard truth, if she was legit and she was legit interested in you, she would have given you a date but you got to remember guy’s women love orbiters.

They love orbiters I need y’all to get this message out because I know you and a lot of your friends have this problem. Share this post with you fellow men on your social media, chances are that they are facing these same issues and by just hitting that share button you can save them.

Women love orbiters, they want you to feel like they still want you so when you go ask her out again she can reject.

Your ask again and they laugh, that’s what she wants. She wants you to think that you have a slight chance of hope so when you go ask her again she rejects your ass again.

They want to give you that false sense of security, that false sense of hope because you know how men are; men are very prideful creatures you know.

we live off our ego so if a girl reject us but she’s still looking, you will think that oh she really want me, she was just playing.

What does that make most men do? That makes most men chase her more!

Think about a guy who doesn’t understand game or guys one who doesn’t understand red pill or guys who don’t understand female nature.

When a girl rejects them and the girl still goes and watches their stories what do you think that’s signaling into him? Oh she was just playing, she really wants me, she is just acting badly, she don’t want you bro!

For men that don’t understand human nature they start chasing more now, you start giving her more attention.

She starts feeling less attracted to you. She’s like oh this dude, he has no clue, she don’t want you bro!

let me give you a harsh reality bro, the dude she’s f*cking, the dude who’s breaking her back, the dude who’s giving her backshots and cuming all over her face, that dude isn’t even watching her stories.

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He probably do not follow her, the dude she’s thinking about, he is probably not even on instagram.

He isn’t worried about her and you there telling yourself may she still want me.

Women love orbiters, they love to give you a sense of hope that’s why they hit you with that “we can still be friends though” line.

you guys are still confused by that, you go up to a girl you ask her out, she says no but she said we can still be friends and she offers you her number, she gives you her number, tells you she has a boyfriend and you are like why did this girl give me her number ?

She is doing that because she’s manipulative. She wants to give you that little glimmer of hope so you keep chasing.

They love the ego boost. The more men that want them, the better they feel.

Even if she has no intentions of ever sleeping with you, even if she has no attraction towards you.

The more men that wants her better she feels, men don’t work that way.

if a girl comes up to me and she’s a five and I’m not interested, I’m not going to give her the option of being my friend and give her my number.

No guy in the history of guys will ever do that. Let me know one guy that would do some sh*t like that.

A guy that does not have interest in sleeping with a girl, who would still give him his number and then be watching her stories and be texting, her, guys wouldn’t do that.

Isn’t a guy will be just texting the girl, just because that’s how we work? Men are very logical; we’re very to the point. We don’t do no sh*t like that. There’s no point, if I don’t want to f*ck you, I don’t want to f*ck. there’s no point in me texting you.

That’s how men work but women work like this – I need as many guys as possible to make me feel good.

I’m going to just use y’all like my little toys, I’m going to just have five guys I text to make me feel good.

I’m going to have three guys that buy me food; I’m going to have three guys that are going to take me out on dates.

I’m going to have a guy that takes me on trips and then the dude that I really like that respond my messages until after two days.

Why is she ignoring me but looks at my instagram stories: What you should do

Why is she ignoring me but looks at my Instagram stories

Women are manipulative, this is what they do as I have pointed out in the explanation above, they do it for the attention and to see If you have boundaries or if you’re just going to sit down there and take whatever bullsh*t she throws on you.

This is what I recommend you do. Stop paying attention to it unfollow her, block her.

You guys are always worried about why you don’t want to block her. I had a guy call me two weeks before publishing this post and he was talking about this girl he met, she was superhot but she started acting controlling so he called me for a consultation, he’s like bro what does.

He told me, she’s so hot but she’s controlling and I just met her so and so and so what do I do, and then told him to block her and he was shocked.

He was like huh? I was like yeah if she’s controlling, if she doesn’t make you happy already and you just met, block her and he was so shocked to hear it.

He was like huh? Because he didn’t want to let her go. Eventually he did it because I told him to but that’s the thing guys.

we that our pride and our ego, we live in it so much that we just don’t want to let them go.

If a girl is using you, if a girl is manipulating you, if a girl is not making you happy block her.

I like to have a clear headspace people in my life or people in my life that make me happy.

If you’re not in my life to make me happy, baby you can go that’s my mentality.

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So any girl that’s trying to manipulate me guesses what baby you’re going to be blocked okay good luck.

If you manipulate me, hey I would even cheer you on baby good luck trying to manipulate me because you’re going to be blocked.

Good luck trying to control me because you will be blocked. I don’t give people in my life room that want to use me, manipulate me.

Why is she ignoring me but looks at my instagram stories: Conclusion

Why is she ignoring me but looks at my Instagram stories


Guys do what I’m saying. If she’s watching your stories and she’s not trying to see you.

she’s just leaving you a glimmer of hope, she just wants you to remain her orbiter, so maybe in your head you are thinking oh man maybe she still really want me, you are giving yourself a false sense of hope that this girl actually wants you.

Instead of you getting out there and finding girls that actually want to be with you guys.

I’m going to say this sh*t  again bro, girls who want to be with you do not play games for long with you.

Women who legitimately want to be with you, they do not play games. There’s no such thing as women playing games, there’s no such thing, and they know who they want to be with.

If it’s her crush she isn’t playing games with him. She’s not misbehaving. Women don’t misbehave to men that they want to be with. Men don’t misbehave women that we want to be with.

Its simple logic, I know women are emotional but they’re not stupid guys!

If she really wanted to be with you she would make it happen. If she didn’t want to see you she would make it happen.

If she had a boyfriend and she was serious with her boyfriend she wouldn’t even give you her number.

Settling on this faucet of hope you guys are holding on to. This false sense of hope that they leave out there for y’all.

They give you a little glimmer of hope and you take it in. A lot of guys take that sh*t and run with it forever.

There are guys who marry girls off of f*cking hope. She tells you oh I’m not having sex till we get married and some guys marry her off the hope of f*cking her, it gets that bad.

You should be ashamed of yourself; you should be disgusted with yourself.

There are guys out here who really marry off the hope of f*cking her. You disgust me bro.

guys you are better than that you have this blog, you have other red pill dating coaches to put you and show you the light, absorb the content, take the right way, there are a lot of guys who don’t read our posts, too bad for them, let them keep being used that’s on them but you know better.

Now if she’s watching your stories, if she’s trying to manipulate you, hey you’re blocked.

I’m not giving you a chance to be in my life and use me, I’m not giving you room in my life to manipulate me because if you want to be with me you know how to be with me.

If you want to be with me, you wouldn’t play games with me baby and that’s how it is man.

That’s it guys, stop worrying about these girls watching your story, if she is watching your stories and she isn’t trying to relate with you then there’s a little block button next to her name when you click the little three dots, you click the three dots and you block her and that’s it guys.

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