Why is she being distant and/or avoiding me

Did you perhaps click on this blog post because you feel that you have  messed up a situation-ship with a lady and you are asking why is she being distant and/or avoiding me ?

Well, don’t worry because we are going to  give you the full answer of why she is being distant and/or avoiding you so that you can know how to handle the situation moving forward.

What makes someone  become suddenly distant even when you thought  that you both had something good going on ?

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Why is she being distant and/or avoiding me: 13 Honest Reasons

Why is she being distant and/or avoiding me
Why is she being distant and/or avoiding me

1.      Someone else is giving them more

So the first thing to note is that someone else is  giving them more than you are giving them which  is the elephant in the room really.

It could  be that an ex-partner has suddenly come back on  the scene and all of a sudden you are no longer  top priority, you are not the person that they  want to be chatting with, someone else is showing  them more dedication, someone else is showing them  more relationship perks therefore the crush’s  interest has gone to someone else.

Now the best  thing that you can do in this situation is  to not even feel bothered let them miss you  and then see if they come back.

2.     You didn’t show enough interest

Okay reason number  two on why is she being distant and/or avoiding me is that you did not show enough interest.

Maybe you are  quite shy or you tend to struggle with commitment.  It could be that something great was going on with  your crush but you weren’t really tipping the boat  out enough and letting that person know that  you were really committed and attracted to them.

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Maybe you weren’t offering your all one  day therefore you were playing things so  smooth because you were waiting to get the right  moment in to let them know that you liked them  and they just got up and left because they thought  that maybe they did something wrong or maybe you  didn’t like them at all.

3.     They are playing hard

To get this hot and cold behavior is something that  everyone does but we only really do this  to truly find out someone’s actual intent.

Let’s say for example this person was amazingly  cute and flirting with you yesterday and then  today they’re not answering your calls, they are  blanking you and it could be they are not sure how  you feel so they ignore you to see how you respond,  so that they know how much you care about them.

Perhaps they don’t even realize that you like them  and they got a little bit scared thinking oh no  i came on way too strong they don’t like me that  much, i need to pull it back a little bit because  I’m a little bit embarrassed and feel like a clown  for liking someone that doesn’t like me.

4.     They are  not over their ex

Why is she being distant and/or avoiding me
Why is she being distant and/or avoiding me

Sometimes, let’s be honest, we  don’t realize how much we have not healed until we  get into a new situation-ship or relationship with  someone else.

And if this is to happen, it’s a great  thing because it means they’re not using you as  a rebound, they’re not being disrespectful to you  so if you do have an inkling that perhaps they  were struggling to get over their ex and then  all of a sudden they have become a little bit  distant, this is why.

5.     You hurt them in the past

Maybe you guys once dated many months ago  when things turned a little bit sour and you were  trying to rekindle that relationship but sadly if  they were heartbroken in the past, they will still  be carrying that pain so instead of them repeating  the same mistake with you, they want to avoid you  to protect themselves.

6.     They are in a little bit too  deep

Maybe they have realized that they like you  more than they thought they actually did therefore  they are pretty petrified that they are going to  have their heart broken and they feel the best  thing to do right now is to freak out and continue  to freak out but in the distance away from you  for a little bit and if this is the case your  crush will naturally come back to you when they  have dealt with those emotions.

More often than  not, if you can let them know how much you like  them this will make them come back to you quicker  because they don’t feel like they want to keep  putting themselves out there without getting the  same amount of love in return.

7.     They don’t know how  they feel about you

This, despite what you think is  a very mature move to make. If someone isn’t too  sure whether they like you or not, the best thing  to do is to pull away and see if they miss you and  then they can define their feelings towards you  and this is great because you don’t want someone  to lead you on right when they’re still trying  to figure out how much they like you and if this  is the reason for their distance, just give them  space and they will come back.

Though it’s always  best to let someone have as much space as they  need and more without them mistreating you and  thinking that they like you when they really don’t.

8.      They think that you are the player

Maybe they  heard some bad gossip about you or maybe they  put two and two together and figured that you are  only using them for that night type of romance.

It  could be something has scared them off that you’ve  done and they’re trying to protect themselves by  pulling back.

9.     Life stresses have gotten in the  way

This happens a lot and depending on where the  relationship is and where you guys are, will define  whether they need to continue to talk to you  during this stressful time.

Let’s say for example  you guys are at the start of just talking to each  other, you don’t really have a close friendship  and it’s a case of you just making eye contact and  chatting on social media a couple of days  a week, it’s not really a relationship.

So if you’re in this phase that person doesn’t  really have to tell you that they are stressed  out over something, they don’t need to say i need  a couple of days to figure out what i’m doing  but if you and your crush have a good relationship  where you talk every day and maybe one night they  just disappear, this could be a red flag because  they are leaving you out of the equation and if  you are going to be their long-term partner, they  need to be communicating with you.

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The best thing  you can do is to measure them and say “I’ve not  heard from you for a while, here’s my support, I’m  letting you know I’m here when you need me, if you  are dealing with something stressful come and talk  to me, I want to help you out” Then see what happens  from there.

10.You displayed too many red flags

Perhaps you said something rude to the waiter  when you were together or you said something  about politics that made them question whether  they want to be with you.

If this is the case,  a person is allowed to break things off for  whatever reason they want.

11.You are being far  too needy

Did you display too much too soon, were  you calling them and texting them and giving them  cute nicknames before you guys were even a thing ?

If so, this type of behavior has scared them away  and they may come back if you just cool it for a  little bit.

12.They have commitment issues

Anyone that  has commitment issues, you need to consider them  as a red flag and you need to decide whether it’s  worth your own energy to stay with them or if you  are better off to find someone who is secure, which  i would prefer you dated someone that was secure  because otherwise there is always going to be  a struggle with intimacy and you won’t have a  great connection with that person if they just  continuously disappear for days or weeks.

Now if  this happens at the start of a relationship with  someone that’s not secure, it’s gonna continue to  happen throughout the rest of the relationship  until they deal with their demons.

13.Things are going  way too fast

The best thing in a relationship  is to drag things out for as long as possible,  because let’s be factual, if you guys are going  to be together for the rest of your life, you want  to make that honeymoon phase last forever.

You know,  those butterflies, when you see them where it feels  like everything’s a fairy tale and the whole world  just moves around you.

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Maybe you said something  that insinuated that you guys are moving too  quickly, maybe you talked about meeting your  parents too soon, you mentioned marriage and  children and they were like whoa! hold up this  is going way too fast for me buddy.

Why is she being distant and/or avoiding me: Conclusion

Why is she being distant and/or avoiding me
Why is she being distant and/or avoiding me

In this blog post, I shared 13 honest reasons to answer the question of  why is she being distant and/or avoiding me. Depending on your situation with the woman, any of these reasons may apply.

It is important you still maintain your cool and give her the time of the day to see and value and return back, but whatever you do, never show needy behavior or act like your world revolves only around her.

Let me know down in the comment box what you  thought of today’s post on why is she being distant and/or avoiding me ?

Meanwhile, I wrote another post on How to get her back after she has moved on in that post, I give you 5 tips to get back a woman after she has moved on, even if you made a mistake earlier in the relationship.

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