why does my girlfriend cheat on me

Why does my girlfriend cheat on me ? why did she cheated on me ? Why did my wife cheat on me ? all of these questions are asked by a guy when he finds out that his relationship with a girl has been compromised by her.

In this post, I’m going to decode three reasons why your girlfriend, wife or partner cheated on you and what you can do to remedy the situation moving forward.

Now before I go on, I would love to tell you a story about a real life experience I had one of my clients explain to me, it really happened to him.


why did she cheated on me: Introduction

why does my girlfriend cheat on me

I had a guy DM me about a week ago with a bizarre story, so he goes: hey bro I got a crazy story, I just found out my girl was cheating on me with my sister.

My sister is the one who told me, my sister I guess got upset because my girl didn’t want to do with her anymore and she felt jealous and she decided to tell me.

I brought it up to my girl and she said nothing happened, we just made out and she kissed me or whatever but we didn’t go further than that.

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He’s like what do I do? My girl cheating on me with my sister? I was like first of all this is beyond bizarre.  Neither of them have any respect for you, neither of them have any remorse for you.

Your sister, your blood does not have enough respect for you to not be with your girl. So he was like, I guess my girl is bi or whatever but my sister has been bisexual for a while I just never knew.

That brings me to my first point to answer the why does my girlfriend cheat on me. Why if you are a guy dating a chick right now, these are the primary reasons why your girl cheated on you in the past or she going to cheat on you in the future.

Why does my girlfriend cheat on me: 3 reasons why she cheats on you

why does my girlfriend cheat on me

1.      You never tapped into her desires

When I’m with chicks I am trying to bring out that freaky side as quick as possible. I am trying to bring out her deep desires as quick as possible.

From the story I narrated above, what it’s telling me here is the guy never even explored him and her and other chicks because if your girl had any kind of bisexual tendencies, if you would have been exploring it with her she would have had no desire to ever be with your sister.

Yeah what she did was messed up but you didn’t dig deep and find out who she really was. A lot of you guys when you’re with chicks you try to play safe, you try to walk on ice and make sure you don’t crack anything up or mess anything up so you don’t lose a chick.

You are so worried about losing her than you are worried about enjoying your time with her. Listen guys when you’re with chicks bro it’s about being whom you are, enjoying the things you want to do.

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when I’m with chicks, I love doing crazy stuff, I’m adventurous, hey you want us to be with your friend, we’re going to be with your friend, hey we can be with your girlfriend we’re going to have fun, that’s the kind of guy I am.

I make that clear from day one, let me tell you guys what I do when I’m with chicks, after the first time I’m with a chick what I would do is I would start asking her about her,  I would ask her like what do you like to do ? Are you threesomes? Have you ever been in with more than two guys at one time?

I would try to make them seem like they’re boring, I’ve said this, and I want girls to open up because they all want to do this stuff.

They all want to have threesomes and be with 10 guys at one time, they all would love to experience that, if you go ask women what their fantasies are they will tell you being with multiple guys.

So if you guys know what their fantasies are why are you scared to explore that with them. When you’re dealing with a chick, when you’re with a girl you need to be her oasis, you need to be the guy that she can trust to open up with.

Yes it was messed up that she did it with your sister I get that part but you got to do a better job of getting her to open up.

You didn’t get her to open up, if it was my chick we’d have been with two or three other chicks, we would have had a house full of girls.

If I had to sense any kind of tendency, I would have found out from the jump, I would have found out who she really is, what she likes to do, what her desires are.

You guys don’t even know that, you just want to go in the bedroom, do the normal, oh kissy kissy, do   missionary, go home, it doesn’t work that way.

I’m going to explore her mind, I want to find out what do you really want? what are your deep desires ? this guy’s girl she probably from the jump has always wanted to test out what it was like with other girls but you were supposed to be the guy that did it for her but you didn’t do it, you got to open up you got to get women to open up, you have to get them to tap into their desires.

She needs to be who she really wants to be, that freaky side, it has to be with you if not when she is given the opportunity like the girl in the story was she will go with your sister, as messed up as it sounds, you have to be  that opening for he, it can’t be your sister.

The is the first answer to the question why does my girlfriend cheat on me.

Your girl cheated on you because you didn’t tap into her desires, start tapping to their desires, start being their oasis, start being a guy that they want to explore and do everything with.

Your girl shouldn’t be shy around you, your girl shouldn’t be nervous to talk about what she really wants because you’re insecure, let her tap into that with you.

2.      You got too complacent

You killed all the mystery in the relationship, this is probably a big reason why a lot of girls cheat on guys, the mystery is gone, the seductive man you were in the beginning of the relationship is no longer there.

The guy who used to surprise her by pinning her on the wall and digging her out, you don’t do that no more, you are boring, you killed all the mystery,  there’s no surprises,  it’s the same restaurants, it’s the same places every time, it’s the same move, it’s the same amount of minutes you last, the same amount of time in the bedroom every time.

Women are like anybody when they walk into a candy store, they need to be excited. women need to be stimulated for a long period of time that’s why I don’t recommend relationships.

I don’t feel like I have enough willpower and energy to be trying to keep a girl excited but if you’re going to be in a relationship with a chick, if you are a guy that wants to have a girlfriend, you have to know how to keep the mystery going.

You can’t get boring, it can be stale. see men, we’re repetitive, we like routine, we like to sit down, watch tv, go to the gym, come back we love to do the same thing over and over.

That doesn’t work with women, they need to be excited. you went to this place this week, she got to go to this place next week.

This is how they are, this how they are wired, they need to be stimulated. they need the mystery to be going.

When you’re with a girl things up. you have to spice things up. mix it up, always be mixing it up. i have a rotation of chicks but I know even with a rotation that I can’t go to the same places.

I had one of my girls come over recently and she hit me up, she pursue and I was like I could sense that now is the time to do something to a little different so I said you know what, we’re gonna go out to eat.

She came over expecting us to just chill and I said you know what let’s go out to eat, this is how you mix things up.

She got so excited because she’s used to just coming over that’s how you keep their mind stimulated now she wants to come back again, now she’s going to keep pursuing, this is how you maintain mystery in the relationship.

you got to read them, be able to read chicks, don’t let the mystery get stale.

3.      Your time was up

Its not yours, it’s just your turn. I will repeat that again, it is not yours, it is just your turn. your time was up.

Hey Eddie listen! women will manipulate a breakup. they will cheat on you hoping that you catch them so they can leave.

Something more exciting came around. you’re not the owner of her bro, you guys feel like when you get in the relationship it’s supposed to be smooth sailing for ever and ever into the sunshine you guys gonna ride off into the sunshine, no! it doesn’t work like that.

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You think you’re gonna ride off into the sunset on your horse back, she’s gonna be hugging you and you’re gonna be riding the horse and y’all gonna be dancing on the way, no bro! that’s not how relationships work.

Relationships go up and down even with rotation guys, even if you’re rotating chicks eventually your time is going to be up even if you’re dating her or you are married.

At some point in time your time is going to be up, accept that. i accept that with the chicks i’m with. i accept that with any girl I’m dealing with.

I know that eventually this is gonna end, I’m okay with that. So listen bro stop getting bent up. I told the guy from the story in the opening, listen just walk away from both of them because your girlfriend being with your sister is ridiculous, I’m not even gonna lie.

It’s one thing for her to be with somebody at work or whatever it’s gonna hurt you but man my own blood, it’s like you are betrayed by two different people.

My own blood, my sister!  I would never do that to my  brother. I wouldn’t try to sleep with his girl come on man you know what I’m saying.

The whole situation tells me that your sister doesn’t respect you, your girl doesn’t respect you. you got to start doing a better job of getting more respect bro because neither of them respect you.

why does my girlfriend cheat on me: Conclusion

why does my girlfriend cheat on me

In conclusion guys, to answer the question “why does my girlfriend cheat on me ?”, know that Girls are going to cheat, they don’t talk about it.

It’s not in the media because we’re the ones to blame, it’s only men that cheat but women cheat bruh.

In this article, I the three reasons why your girlfriend will cheat on you as well as solutions to handle each situation.

To recap, I said don’t let it get stale, keep the mystery, tap into her desires, be her oasis, be the guy that she she wants to do all the crazy stuff with, if you got a girl’s mind stimulated it’s gonna be harder for her to cheat.

Not saying it’s impossible, your time is gonna still be up eventually but if you’re the guy that she’s always doing crazy stuff with she would have a difficult time trying to cheat on you if you tap into all her desires.

It’s gonna be hard for somebody else to come along and steal that joy away from you, steal that moment away from you because she’s getting all over with you.

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