What to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy

Even though this post centers on what to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy, it goes both ways. As a guy, you can also use the tips I will discuss in this post when a conversation gets boring with a girl.

Overall the 16 tips I will share with you on this blog post will help you master the skill of small talk with anyone.

What to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy: Introducation

What to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy
What to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and then walked away and then kind of cringed at yourself because you thought you were a little bit weird and a little bit boring and so cringy.

Now it happens, those moments where we wait for the receipt to print out from the machine and it feels like years and you engage in that awkward conversation with a cashier, or maybe you’re intervening into a small talk with a barber because it’s taken them longer than necessary to cut your hair (as a man), regardless of the conversations you have, let’s talk about the different ways that you can never be boring in any conversation, so that you can use this to your advantage to impress people, have better friends and also make girls like you (as a many).

What to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy: 16 Brilliant Tips

1.      Let people talk about themselves

We all love to talk about ourselves. We won’t admit it but it’s true.

So use this to your advantage. Try to keep the conversation focus on topics that the other person enjoys but make sure you act genuinely interested and curious for the things that they are talking about.

2.      Takes notes from those who speak well

Take mental notes on people that do their talking pretty good, do you happen to have someone that you know that always has enticing conversations and no matter what they say it’s never boring.

If so, study about how they do it, what is it that they say, what makes them so captivating and if you don’t know anyone in real life, some chat show hosts are pretty awesome at it.

3.      Talk slowly

Someone that can talk slowly is perceived as calm, confident and highly intellectual but on the other hand, if you are a fast talker people will find you very distrusting.

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4.      Find a common ground

If you are having a conversation with someone and you feel like it’s starting to slip away then bring it back by finding a common ground which is something that you are both interested in.

It could be politics, it could be religion (if it’s a platonic relationship), it could be your favorite harry potter novel, it could be films, it could be bands, it could even be pizza toppings.

5.      Don’t interrupt

You could have some amazing conversation topics, however if you interrupt the person that’s talking, they aren’t going to like you a great deal.

Sometimes we have something that we want to say next and we get so excited to say it that we end up not listening to what the other person is saying and we cut them off, so be very mindful of this.

6.      Do some homework

If you know that you have an upcoming situation with someone that you can plan for, then have a look at some key topics for the conversation.

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You could nicely stalk someone’s social lmedia pages and find out what they are interested in so that you always have a common topic to talk about and they will think wow this person is amazing we share similar interests.

7.      Remember the important things

what to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy
what to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy

If you know that this person recently graduated an evening class then talk about it.

Remember at the start of the post I told you that to keep someone interested you need to get them to talk abou themselves, well if you can take the conversation back to them they will love it.

You can simply say “oh my gosh I, nearly forgot, i have to interrupt but well done on passing your exam” and this is going to make them feel that you really care about them, therefore they will always assume that you are an amazing person to talk to.

8.      Remember the small snippets for later on

who knows, you may make this person again specifically if it’s someone you want to have a date with so remember some of the things that they have said that you can drop it into the next conversations so they feel that you really do listen.

9.      The rule of three

If you don’t remember anything apart from this tip in the post then that’s okay, there ar ethree things that you can ask someone to keep the conversation going and it will springboard you off into different topics.

The first one is what do they do for a living, the second where do they come from and number three what are their upcoming future plans.

You don’t have to take the rule of three as gospel, you can spin it off a little bit different.

For example, you can say, “oh! so last week you told me that you hada degree in languages, what makes you work in the finance department here” and this is going to get people talking about their journey of the transitions that they’ve been through which will always give you more topics to talk about and also try to get them to tell you a little bit about the dreams that they wanted to do as a child.

It could be something that’s a little bit crazy, for example they wanted to be a monster or a dinosaur, now these types of conversations just brings everything to that nice down-to-earth type of pattern so people feel a little bit less awkward to talk.

10. Ask open-ended questions

Avoid asking questions that can be responded     with a simple yes or a no, for example, did you have a good weekend doesn’t sound as great as saying what did you do at the weekend.

11. Divert the conversation to their passion

Everyone has something that they wish they could do or do more of and as soon as you can get themto talk about that passion in the conversation, the easier the conversation is going to flow.

You won’t feel bored and neither will they.

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12. Ask their personal opinion

Sometimes you could be stuck in a really mundane situationand if you’re running out of things to say, you could literally just ask for their opinion about anything around you or even a new film that’s coming out.

13. Maintain eye contact

This is such a vital part of conversation topics because the other person needs to feel that you are trying to connect with them and if it’s easy for you to look away and get distracted by something, you will come across as nervous and they will assume that you are a little bit boring to talk to.

14. Avoid the controversial topics

Of course depending on who you are talking with, for example if they are a close friend or a family member you might be able to get away with it, however the rule is to not talk to people about the following topics in case people get a little bit too uncomfortable and that is: politics, religion, intimate relationships, lifestyle choices and finances.

15. Get them to teach you something

People love to talk about themselves but they also like to feel that they have a little bit of power so if you can get them to play in that concept they’re gonna feel pretty awesome.

It’s so easy to do, you literally just get them to teach you something so that they feel happy a little bit smug but overall they will enjoy talking with you and you will notice how easy it is to just listen to someone explaining something to you.

If you feel bored in the conversation then chances are the other person does too, so be mindful of this and be ready to come up with something exciting gnd in these moments that’s when the opinion questions are great or the open-ended ones.

16. Compliment on something you see around you

If you are short on ideas comment on something that you can see,  it could be the location you are both in or even what the other person is wearing, this will open up the floor for the next conversation topic and naturally when someone senses that you are kind of struggling to hold the conversation together but you are doing everything above, so maintaining great eye contact, you aren’t fidgeting and you look confident, they will try to do the 50/50 approach where they will try to bring in some conversation topics too and if you notice that this person is trying to maintain a conversation with you, it’s because they like you and they are genuinely interested in something that you have to say.

What to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy: Conclusion

what to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy
what to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy

let me know down in the comments what you thought of today’s post on what to say when a conversation gets boring with a guy.

Like  I said in the introduction, these tips also apply to guys dealing with females and overall will improve your skill of small talk when having a conversation with people.

Meanwhile, I wrote another article on How to get an older woman to sleep with you.

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