What to do when she tries to make you jealous

What to do when she tries to make you jealous is a question most guys ask when they are getting to know a girl, things are going well but all of a sudden she’s showing clear interest in other guys right in your face and its driving you nuts because you don’t know how to respond to the situation.

What to do when she tries to make you jealous

Well, keep reading this post because I’ll give you three easy things you can start to do to answer the question what to do when she tries to make you jealous, and if done right you will see her return to you and become even more submissive.

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By definition jealousy is basically just not feeling adequate enough and getting easily triggered when someone brings up something that makes you insecure.

A  lot of women use this to gauge a man’s value, so whether it’s early on in interactions like when you’re talking to a girl at the bar or even later on in like a Long term relationship.

There are two different ways women will use jealousy – they’ll use it kind of in the beginning of the relationship to gauge a man’s value and where you’re at and then later almost as a form of seeing how invested you are.

Later in a relationship they use it to see how much you care, they’ll basically try to make you jealous to test the relationship equity.

They want to see how much the relationship means to you basically and again they can do this in a subconscious way, they can do it a conscious way too.

There is really no strict rules to how they really act but there are certain ways in certain scenarios that they do act in and those are kind of the two ways that they use jealousy.

Whether they know that they’re doing it or they don’t know, a lot of times it is subconscious because women innately use it because they get approached by a lot of different guys.

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They need to gauge if you’re high value or not.

They need to flush through all the crappy guys out there and make sure you are high value and you’re not one for them.

So don’t be offended when you have that jealousy test thrown at you, it happens.

What to do when she tries to make you jealous: Introduction

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The emotion behind jealousy comes from scarcity and the thing about this is when you have jealousy notions or a mindset of jealousy it also shows a woman that you may think that you’re not enough for her and jealousy can also come up in so many different ways like anger, sadness, lack and also it can scare a little bit away.

The moment that you show jealous feelings and you show that you have an insecurity, you can kill attraction.

Now there’s a difference between a woman out there texting other guys and then you’re being like what ?  why do you think that you can text this other if you’re dating me ? that’s being assertive and being direct and stating what you want, that’s not jealousy.

Jealousy is like when you’re sleeping through her phone, when she’s out there and she’s looking and you’re walking and you’re like why are you looking at that other guy or you’re comparing yourself to her ex-boyfriend or you know there’s so many examples of this, that is how a relationship can end up not working out.

Pretty much every girl I’ve talked to has used some form of jealousy to see my reaction.

What to do when she tries to make you jealous: Ways to handle it

There are some things you’d want to do and things you don’t want to do:

1.      Possess an Abundance Mentality

How to take back control is literally by not being jealous anymore yes but the one thing that you have to understand in order to gain control back is to make sure that you always always stay grounded in who you are.

The way that you do that is by figuring out the root of why you’re jealous in the first place.

Jealousy comes in a place of insecurities, lack and want but not an abundance mindset so the way you have to stay clear this and gain control back is by putting yourself back into that abundance mindset.

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Meaning I am enough, I have enough I am good enough for her and to be honest I don’t have a reason to be jealous unless she gives me a reason to be jealous and if she does I’ll state my opinion about that and she’ll see me either walk away or she’ll see that she can’t do this to me because it’s disrespectful.

2.      Maintain Your Frame

You want to maintain your frame. You want to be logical and think rational, this is a thing guys as you may already know. Men have the ability to think rationally.

They have ability to think logically, use this ability to your advantage.

Look at the bigger picture and just don’t let your ego take over either. you got to be very logical, think! ask yourself what’s really happening ?

Men are problem solvers so you have to be able to do that problem-solving and take those steps and not get triggered or anything.

3.      Be Non-Reactive

You see for women its all emotion on their part and you’re need be countering it logically. One way to do this is to stay be non-reactive.

Let’s say a girl brings up a funny coworker or a guy friend whatever, I think the best way to combat it is to be nonreactive.

You don’t want to throw up your arms or you know get all triggered and be like moody or get aggressive.

Play it off like any subject, do not o what most guys do which is to sexually disqualify the other guy she brings, if you do this, it points out to the girl clearly that you are low value and feel insecure.

When I didn’t know this when I was new to the dating game, If a girl says a certain guy was really attractive I would be like oh he must be gay and just sexually disqualified the guy.

Honestly I feel like that shows more insecurity than anything, it shows a weakness through putting down someone else.

You don’t wanna be putting down someone else.

This days, when a girl I’m seeing points out another guy and says he is really good-looking, I laugh about it and change the subject, move on.

That shows you’re confident in yourself and you don’t have to put down others.

What to do when she tries to make you jealous: Summary

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In summary, What jealousy is when it comes to men and women relationships is that women are using it in the two ways.

They are using it first to see if you’re high value and secondly to test how invested you are in the relationship.

They want to see if you’re willing to walk away, if you can call them out when they trespass your boundaries and really if you’re insecure.

It’s a battle. it’s between your logic and their emotion. Sometimes women try to make you jealous consciously, other times they do it unconsciously but its all part of the shit tests they through at guys.

I want you to know when she brings it up, what’s really going on beneath the curtain subconsciously and then you want to react to it logically.

Don’t let your ego get in the way or anything like that. Laugh it off and keep going

Meanwhile, I wrote another post where I teach you  what to do when you Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think.

You see what most guys do when their girlfriend tells them this is that the start wondering what they have done wrong, the double down on the chase and try to fix things as quickly as possible so as not to let her slip away.

As Dating Expert Bobby Rio puts it “when a girl starts pulling away and you start chasing her, you’ve lost her. She’s gone”.

Go ahead and read the blog post you’ll  discover an unexpected way you can handle this situation that will blow her mind, sweep her off her feet and make her to start chasing you even more.

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