11 Signs you’re being played by a woman

Today’s post is all about the signs you’re being played by a woman.

I’m probably going to regret this post because I know there’s going to be a little bit of hatred down in the comments section below where some guys will say Mansumo I told you that all women play games so what’s the point of dating them?

Now understand this! you even play games to the ladies, it’s one of these things that we all do as human beings to kind of add a slight bit of manipulation to get what we want.

A girl will play games for two reasons; one, to get what she wants and two because she knows she can keep playing these games because you don’t say anything otherwise.

Signs you're being played by a woman

So, these games that I’m going to be talking about is her pulling back a little bit so she’s still getting all the fun or the goodness from you as boyfriend material but she’s not quite committing to you.

So if you want to know more, keep reading this post.

Signs you’re being played by a woman: 11 Obvious Signs to look out for

Signs you're being played by a woman

1.      Ignore what she says and listen to what she does

Now I want to start off with an example from a recent friend of mine, he was dating a girl and the girl kept saying to him that she loved him lots and she wanted to make the relationship work but she just felt a little bit off.

Now this sounds pretty reasonable, she’s being honest and she’s very open, so the guy was led to believe that things were okay, they just needed to patch things up a little bit but the love was still there.

She would arrange to always go around to the house to see him but sadly she never actually turned up on the day and every time they arranged dates she was really happy but then she just decided to hang out with her girlfriends instead.

So we need to look at her actions, she is not going to come round but she was saying she will come round.

Now this girl frequently set him up and would not answer the phone calls.

So we need to look at what she says to her actions. So do not let her lead you on if her actions and her words are from two very different words.

So, instead of actually paying attention to what she says in person or over the telephone you need to monitor her actual actions because that’s how she truly feels.

Now a lot of guys can fall for this situation because they think she said something amazing, it means she really does love me but she’s not getting in touch I wonder what’s going wrong.

The thing that’s going wrong is she’s playing games my friend, she’s not interested and she isn’t taking you seriously.

So you need to move on.

2.      She never calls or texts you first

If you have noticed that you are the one that’s doing all of the initiating of all the conversations, well buddy it’s a very clear sign that she really is not interested in you.

So don’t confuse this with the fact that she’s texting you back which means she likes you and she’s answering your calls which also means that it’s okay, because it really isn’t.

Understand that a woman that is interested she will text you first and she will call you first because she wants to maintain that connection and anything less well she’s just playing games to keep up appearances, to make you feel that she’s interested when really she’s not fully committed and I mean this is pretty basic.

She knows she doesn’t have to make an effort to actually call and text you because you’re the one that does all of that for her and she probably likes it because it’s I guess stroking her ego.

3.      She never takes pictures with you

Signs you're being played by a woman

I am not the type of person who likes to brag about their relationship on Facebook because studies have actually shown that the people that do brag about their new relationships kind of set them up for failure, so nine times out of ten these relationships that are bragged about actually break up a lot more quicker than the relationships which aren’t a public action.

So there is some truth about when she doesn’t want to be seen in a photograph with you but any girl that isn’t proud to take a selfie with you and upload to social media or even just keep a picture of you two together on her mobile phone is a girl that really doesn’t want to have a serious relationship with you.

4.      She is always busy

I never truly believe that someone is always so busy that they can’t text you back or call you.

I mean the majority of us take our mobile phones with us when we go to the toilet so if you have time to be sitting there stationary and scrolling through reddit you most definitely have time to text someone back.

The real reason why people say they’re too busy is because they are not prioritizing your text backs it’s pretty simple if you ask her to go out on a date or if you want to skype each other because obviously lockdown is a thing right now and she always gives you the excuse of I’m just so busy then be honest with yourself it’s a sign she really isn’t interested.

Now this is a game because she’s just keeping you at the end of this rope but not actually investing in you, so it’s very safe to say that look some women can be busy but she has to tell you that she’s busy and offers some form of rain check so if you find that she’s always busy it’s because well she’s probably busy with somebody else instead of you.

5.      Her girlfriends are very much high priority

Friends are so important when you start to invest in a long-term relationship because otherwise you just end up spending all of your time together with your partner and you miss out on everyone else that used to be in your life.

So signs that you are being played is that a girl keeps you at arm’s length but she always chooses her girlfriends over you, you are literally low priority.

So if you can say that over 50 of the time she spends more time with them over you well it’s safe to say that you really are not that important to her.

6.      She only calls you when she wants something

This one’s pretty easy to understand now isn’t it if she seems to message you first or call you first to get some advice or some help with a project or for you to simply come around and do something for example open up jars, fix bathroom mirrors whatever it may be, she’s using you for free instead of actual boyfriend material.

So you would agree that this is very easy to spot right but here we go, unfortunately guys seem to think that just by being lovely and nice and honoring every request that a girl makes that means he’s a very good boyfriend.

They wouldn’t want to say no to her requests in case she turns around and says you are a bad person, I don’t deserve you, but you need to take a look at this from a pragmatic view she is using you for her own gain, she is genuinely just asking you to do things for her without giving you anything back.

7.      She always cancels plans

Signs you're being played by a woman

Life happens okay, sometimes girls will cancel a couple of days before the date and sometimes girls will even cancel on the actual day of the day because something big happened that they could not avoid but the importance here is to decide is she playing games based on the excuse she actually gives you.

Now if you find that she is constantly canceling on you and gives you a very poor apology well it’s clear to say she’s definitely not interested however if she cancels and apologizes and then offers an alternative day of when she’s available well this is behavior that you expect from a good girlfriend and anything less is truly just keeping you round for the sake of it for whatever gain you are providing to her.

8.      You noticed a change in her personality

This is very common that if a girl gets irritated by her boyfriend she shuts down and she doesn’t want to communicate with him but when they go out in public she’s gone from being very cold to being very warm so she’s keeping up appearances around people so that everyone else feels that she is in a good relationship with you.

She’s putting up this false bravado of being a loving committed girlfriend which probably leaves you feeling WTF.

Now this is a textbook game of playing, she doesn’t have the stereotypical balls to end things with you however she’s very bothered about how people see her in the relationship therefore she would do whatever she feels is necessary to make people feel that you guys have a good relationship but it’s a bad game, get rid of her.

9.      She takes forever to get back to you

We have our phones literally at arm’s reach every single day so never believe it when a girl says that you know I’ve just been so busy i didn’t have my phone on me obviously we’re not including work time right now or when she’s you know in the shower but I’m talking about when you feel that it takes her longer than it should to takes you back or forever to answer your calls.

This is because she really isn’t putting you on that high priority level.

When the two of you are together if you notice she’s always next to her phone and she’s pretty quick to respond to her friends in your presence or take this from me she really is not interested in communicating with you, which is why it takes ages for her to get back to you because she’s got a million other things that she would much rather do sadly!

10. She says that she needs to figure out what she wants

Going back to the example of my friend from the start of this post, the girl specified that she needed time to figure out what it was that she wanted and that is a perfectly good thing to say but my friend should have said to her okay that’s fine you go have that time go do what you want I’m not happy with giving you this space but I know it’s important but you need to go and do that and get back in touch with me when you feel okay but in the meantime I’m just going to go get on with my life and pretend that I’m a single guy because you’ve essentially created that distance between us.

Now by doing this gives the chance for her to say you know what i feel pretty sad at the thought of you dating someone else let me step up my game and we will make sure this relationship works out or if she just agrees and says okay that’s fine well that’s a pretty good sign that she was just using you all along.

11. She tells you that you are just her friend

Sadly a lot of guys find themselves in this situation they feel like they’re in a good relationship he probably goes to people and says i don’t know what’s going on she treats me like her boyfriend and I treat her like my girlfriend we do all these amazing relationship things but she still says that we are friends what do I do from here.

Now the fact that you are questioning what to do is a bit of a alarm bell ringer you need to understand that obviously she does not want to give you the full version of herself so you need to drop her like it’s hot because she’s playing games she’s keeping you around forever because of those boyfriend benefits that you provide to her but because she’s not willing to invest fully into the relationship and you’ve not said anything otherwise therefore she’s going to keep playing this game and taking you for granted because well you aren’t really respecting yourself, so get out of this situation and it sucks because you feel that you are in an amazing relationship yet there’s something just a little bit off and you just want her to admit that you guys are in a proper couple but this situation is tough it’s very tough but the only thing that you can do really is walk away and it’s going to feel like you are actually breaking up with her and you’re going to have to start getting over her but I promise would you much rather stay with a girl that just says that you guys are friends and uses you or would you rather date a girl who is happy to show you off to the world, well I know which one I would choose.

Signs you’re being played by a woman: Conclusion

Signs you're being played by a woman

In this post, I have given you  11 signs you’re being played by a woman. Now, most of this signs are pretty obvious but what happens is that as guys when we are put in real life situation where a girl is trying to play us we tend to let our emotions override logic.

As me we are logical beings but when you are a low value man with less or no options when it comes to women, you tend to tolerate this BS from them and they take advantage of you.

If you spot a series of this signs you’re being played by a woman then obviously you’re being played.

Signs you’re being played by a woman: What to do Next

Signs you're being played by a woman

Now, there are two things you should do when you realize that you are being played by a woman, the first thing you want to do is to call her out on it.

Put her in a situation where she fails your test, take for example you send her a text and she doesn’t reply or return your calls, call her out point black and tell her that you don’t tolerate such and if she’s going to be in your life then she should not put you in second place otherwise she’s free to go!

Or maybe she cancels plans in the last minute and gives you a very clumsy-light hearted excuse, do not just let it slide – call her out on that make her know that its disrespectful to you as a person.

The second thing I recommend you do when you’ve spotted out as series of these signs you’re being played by a woman is for you to simply walk away.

When a woman notices that you are willing to walk away, it creates a different form of loyalty if she was ever interested in you but was just playing games and if she wasn’t really interested in a relationship with you then you’ve saved your time and can invest that time In developing yourself, increasing your value till you come in contact with someone who deserves you.

That is it for signs you’re being played by a woman, meanwhile go check out my article on How to stop obsessing over someone you can’t have.

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