Signs she wants to get closer to you

If you can pick up the signs she wants to get closer to you then you confidence in approaching women will greatly improve and you will kill approach anxiety which adds up to make you more attractive to your crush.

If you read this post to the end, you’ll discover 5 easily overlooked signs she wants to get closer to you that most guys miss often times.

Picture the following scenario; you’re walking down the mall to pick up a birthday gift when all of a sudden you see an unbelievably cute girl sitting by herself on a bench.

She’s got blonde highlights, long legs, your exact type and you’re not sure if you should just continue shopping or if you should take this opportunity to go up and introduce yourself.

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You look at her as she’s staring down at her phone and begin to ask yourself all these questions like would it be weird if I just went up to her ? Will she be crept out or would she’d be flattered? What if she’s waiting for her boyfriend? I wonder if she’s friendly to strangers.

You over think things and psych yourself out and eventually just give up to go continue shopping.

Can you relate to this story ? I bet you can.

In fact I’d be willing to bet that the confusion and anxiety I just described is a feeling that’s familiar to a lot of you.

Whether at a club a park or in class. Most guys have been in situations before where there was simply clueless about whether the girl wanted to be approached and so here are five signs she wants to get closer to you or not.

Signs she wants to get closer to you: 5 Overlooked Signs

Signs she wants to get closer to you

1.      Eye Contact

Out of all the signs of girl shows when she wants to get closer to you this is probably the most obvious.

Most girls intentionally avoid eye contact with strangers because they don’t want to give off the wrong impression and also because holding prolonged eye contact with a stranger is a very uncomfortable and awkward feeling.

So if you look over at a cute girl and notice that she’s looking at you this is already a good sign.

If she sees that you’ve noticed her gaze and then hold eye contact for an extra two to three seconds and smiles then this is definitely the most obvious indicator that she’s into you and you can definitely approach her without too much to worry about.

Sometimes a girl would be too nervous to hold eye contact even if she likes you and she’ll look away and adjust her hair or glasses or something to try to make herself prettier for you.

If that’s the case then this is still a good sign you can talk to her.

2.      The hover

When a girl really wants to talk to you she’ll try to make it as easy as possible.

Sometimes she’ll actually try setting up the interaction by hovering close by you.

See! People tend to position themselves closer to things that they want.

So if you notice that a girl is positioning herself to constantly be in your orbit that means she’s making sure that you don’t leave without seeing hi to her.

She may not be standing right next to you but close enough that it’s easy for you to engage her and start a conversation if you wanted to.

If she feels like you’re not picking up on her clues to approach sometimes she may just happen to be in your vicinity a few times while you’re both there even as you’re walking around the room.

It’s a subtle tactic so that she can play it off and make it not seem like a big deal if you’re not interested.

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That way she can move on quickly without having to deal with the embarrassment of getting directly rejected.

So keep in mind guys if she’s hovering close by or you just happen to bump into her a few times you definitely have the green light to approach.

3.      Body language adjustments

 These are very subtle almost unconscious, nonverbal gestures that she’ll do when she’s attracted to someone.

An example of this would be when she makes an adjustment to her hair or clothing so that she can look prettier and try to impress you.

In fact one of the most obvious signs that a girl likes you is when she plays with her hair, she may pull it down and start twirling it around with her fingers or brush it away slowly from her face.

Another sign to look out for is when a girl starts rubbing her neck or her wrists, self touch is definitely an indicator that she’s into you because it draws her eyes towards whatever body parts she’s touching.

One last signal I want to mention about body language is that when a girl is open to being approached she’ll definitely have more open body language.

As you probably already know a crossed arms is defensive and it’s pretty much screaming go away, so when a girl’s body language is open and she’s facing her body towards you or the room instead of facing the bar or her friends that’s a pretty clear sign that she’s willing to be approached.

4.      She shows vulnerability

Signs she wants to get closer to you

Lets say a girl really wants to flirt, one of the first things she’ll do is show you that she trusts you through her body language.

For example she might expose her neck or her wrist to you.

Now it might sound weird at first but studies in evolutionary psychology show that humans are actually biologically hardwired to subconsciously expose certain vital organs like the heart or the jugular vein in the neck to people that they want to build a relationship with.

It’s pretty much our way of saying hey I like you and think we should eat, drink or maybe sleep together and don’t worry you can trust me – look I’m exposing my neck to you so if I try to harm you or your family in any way you can end me easily.

So if she’s positioning herself in a very vulnerable position towards you like exposing her neck, chest or wrists chances are the coast is clear for an approach.

5.      Requests for help

A lot of the time when I really wants you to talk to her she might ask you a seemingly innocent question or request to get you to engage with her.

Things like oh do you know what time it is or can you take our picture are all examples of these type of questions.

Now of course she could actually just be looking for information but sometimes you can read between the lines to see whether it’s just an excuse to get you to talk to her.

The way you can tell if her question is an indicator of interest or not is by paying attention to her tonality.

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If she’s asking it in a softer tone as opposed to a matter-of-fact tone and this is a good sign.

If the request is not specific like what’s something fun to do around here as opposed to a super specific request like how do I get to the Apple store in Fifth Avenue this is another good sign especially if she’s asking it while giving you a very warm sweet vibe.

Signs she wants to get closer to you: Conclusion

Signs she wants to get closer to you

So those are five signs that a girl will give off when she wants you to approach her.

I want to point out that if you absolutely want to make sure that she wants to talk to you look for these signals and clusters rather than just one separate signal at a time.

Seeing just one isolated sign as a toss-up whereas seeing multiple signs happening simultaneously in clusters is a much higher certainty that she’s open to being approached.

I want to end this post with one final point even though the five signs I just described are signs she wants to get closer to you, you don’t necessarily need these signs to actually talk to her.

Think about it like this; these signs are kind of like a green light to approach.

If she obviously doesn’t want to talk to you – like she’s turning away from you or her arms are crossed then that would be like a red light.

If you’re not a hundred percent sure whether she’s sending you a red light or a green light interpret it like a yellow light and approach anyways.

If you’re not sure that she’s into you but she hasn’t given you any signs she wants to get closer to you then always err on the side of being bold and approach her anyways.

After all it’s like people say – fortune favors the bold. In that way at least you won’t have any regret and will know where she stands.

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