Signs of a dominant man

What are the signs of a dominant man ? Why do women tend to love a dominant man even though most of these women say they want a nice, gentle, loving man?

signs of a dominant man

I guess you’ve heard it,  “nice guys finish last!”. And as you can relate, this is so true. What I will cover in this post will help you improve your relationships.

You will discover the subtle signs of a dominant man that makes him stand out from the crowd and get chased by women.

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Men are attracted to physical looks and shapes. This is why the mere look of a curvaceous blonde beautiful woman can easily turn we guys on but the reverse is the case with women.

What attracts a woman to a man is not what you think, it’s not money, fancy cars, luxurious clothes or any of this fancy things.

What sparks the attraction for women is your behavior as a man. This is why reading this post to the end will do you a very great favor and set you aside from 80% of men who don’t know this behavior traits and signs of a dominant man.

Ready ? Lets get started.

Signs of a Dominant man: Introduction

signs of a dominant man

Signs are so important, not just your own signs but also the signs of others.

A major part of becoming a dominant man is being able to recognize the signs of others and making sure you’re giving off the right vibes with your own signs.

Get it right and people especially girls will instantly recognize you as the Alpha and they’ll be more likely to take interest in you to see what type of person you are, get it wrong and people won’t take you seriously and you’re even more likely to get mugged.

It might seem like commonsense but most criminals actually look for vulnerabilities when choosing their targets.

If a thief is looking for someone to rob he will pick someone that looks the most vulnerable which is why the elderly are common targets.

when looking for a house to burglarize a criminal is likely to pick the house with the obvious vulnerabilities such as one that is located in a remote location.

This is crazy but something as simple as walking with a straight back makes you less likely to get mugged.

If you’re a criminal who are you going to rob first ? the skinny guy who has the signs of a dominant man who at least looks like he can defend himself or the skinny guy who was hunched over walking anxiously and scared to look anyone in their eyes.

A lot of guys don’t understand that every action, every thought everything you do affects you as a person.

why do you thinks o many guys who fake being confident over time actually end up becoming confident ?

Have you ever discovered something about someone that drives you absolutely nuts only to find out that later on you actually take on this trait or act in the same way as this person.

This is the  same psychology behind the whole concept of a dominant man.

When you force yourself to display the signs of a dominant man over a long period of time guess what ? it starts to become natural and mentally you start to feel like the Alpha.

It’s the same reason why people who display the behavior of the beta always seem to be sad and hate life.

Let me break this down for you in a way that nobody ever has imagine. your brain is made up of two major parts.

You have the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. the conscious mind is like the YouTube and Facebook apps on your phone it handles the conscious functions such as liking your friends post on Facebook or entertaining informative video.

Your subconscious mind is like the hidden code in the background that makes all of the apps work, in other words it’s the boss.

Everything that you do on a daily basis whether you realize it or not is ruled by your subconscious mind.

Everything about you is defined by the beliefs that you hold in your subconscious mind.

This is incredible news for everyone because these beliefs about yourself can be changed despite  the fact that your subconscious mind rules your day-to-day life.

It’s simple and operates much the same way as an infant, in other words it is easily programmed.

Most of your subconscious  programming for life occurs during the first seven years of your life but you can reprogram it at any point in time during your lifetime.

The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed in several ways but one of the easiest ways to do it is through the power of repetition.

An interesting fact is that your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real and imagined which is why dreams can feel so real and scary.

Maybe during your first seven years of life you got the short stick for subconscious programming or maybe it was traumatic life experiences in school that caused you to absorb the programming of the beta, whatever it was it’s reversible for your daily thoughts and actions and guess what your body language affects your thoughts and your thoughts affect your actions.

By understanding and practicing daily the signs of a dominant man you are literally reprogramming your subconscious mind to become the Alpha.

Sure at first it won’t feel natural but over time it will all fall into place, your subconscious brain will pick up on cues and notice how others treat you.

When you display the signs of the alpha and through repetition it will change its beliefs about who you are as a person it will think to itself wow this guy really is an alpha and once the new beliefs are formed the Alpha will become part of who you are as a person.

Imagine what your life would be like once you feel better about yourself.

People will look at you different, you will be given greater respect and people will find you more confident and attractive which is especially useful for meeting girls.

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Signs of a Dominant man

signs of a dominant man

Now that you understand how it works let’s get into the actual signs a dominant man.

The aspects of signs are the way you sit, where you keep your hands, your posture, head positioning, eye contact, facial expressions, your presence, how you stand and even how you shake hands, even the way that you control your voice tone is important.

  1. Facial expressions

The Alpha is good at speaking without saying anything. he can say many things just by looking at you a certain way. when meeting someone new give them a smile to come off as warm and inviting also nod your head every so often when someone is talking to you during a serious situation.

the Alpha displays serious facial expression when uncertain, he controls his face and doesn’t come off as scared or confused.

  1. Posture

Always avoid the deer in the headlight book posture. is another important part of the dominant man signs.

It goes without saying that you should always stand up straight and tall.

Your legs should be fully extended and the knees shouldn’t be bent.

The Alpha makes sure to pop his chest out slightly and his back should form a backwards C shape.

The shoulders should always be expanded which will make you appear wider, a huge mistake that the beta makes is unknowingly exaggerating his posture.

  1. Head Positioning

Head positioning is also very important. A dominant man keeps his head up and not down but not to the point of looking like he’s lost and needs direction.

One of the biggest mistakes that the beta makes is constantly looking down.

  1. Hand Positioning

hand positioning is another key part of dominant man body language and it’s also one of the most misunderstood components.

By themselves your hands don’t say much but when combined with other aspects of body language they can make you appear shy, insecure or negative.

In most situations, the Alpha keeps his hands to his sides to show that he’s open and relaxed.

Putting your hands in your pockets can give the impression that you’re hiding something but as long as you’re displaying the other aspects of alpha signs there’s nothing wrong with putting them in your pockets.

  1. Presence

One of the most important aspects of dominant man signs is your presence.

To become a dominant man your presence should make you seem larger than you really are.

in other words you’re not afraid to take up space, your presence shows others that you’re not afraid to let it hang and when in close proximity to others the Alpha doesn’t force himself to take up a smaller space.

A dominant man stands with his legs wider apart at about shoulder width and when you enter a room stop and look around for a second before you move to your destination.

The beta chooses to go through his life unnoticed while the Alpha makes sure that he is always noticed.

  1. Walking Step

Another key aspect of dominant man signs is your walk and it has a major impact on how people perceive you.

The Alpha walks with long slow stripes depending on whether or not he’s in a rush.

he also walks with a purpose. because he truly believes that he’s an important person, the beta male is notorious for walking with short quick steps.

  1. Sitting Posture

Even the way that you sit is important when displaying the signs of a dominant man.

when in a sitting position, the Alpha maintains a bigger wider posture and he keeps his legs open and sits upright.

If he puts one leg over the other he places the ankle over the knee and doesn’t sit with a knee over knee position.

to put it simply, the Alpha is not afraid to let it hang.

  1. Shaking hands

The way that you shake a person’s hand is another important part of a dominant man body language.

the reality is that you’ll need to shake many hands throughout your lifetime so you should know how to do it properly.

When shaking someone’s hand, the dominant man extends his hand out while looking the other person in the eyes.

One of the biggest mistakes that the beta makes is looking down at the hands as they shake and focusing on them for too long.

Every situation is different but a general rule is to shake the other person’s hand up and down about three times.

Some common things to say during the shake are how are you ? good to see you or nice to meet you.

The firmness of the shake is also important don’t make the mistake of the aggressive beta male and squeeze the other person’s hand too hard and as a general rule always be gentler when shaking a girl’s hand.

  1. Eye Contact

The final aspect of dominant man signs is eye contact and it could be argued that this is the most important part.

when it comes to eye contact, the Alpha is never afraid to look someone in their eyes and he’s also not afraid to look at anything in general.

If he’s with his girl and sees a group of guys nearby who look like they’re up to no good or pose a threat to the safety of his family or friends he’s not afraid to look towards him and analyze the situation.

The beta male is always afraid to look people in their eyes or look at things he’s interested in.

The beta also frequently feels threatened when looked at by the Alpha because he’s afraid of confrontation.

He is even afraid of looking at a beautiful girl because he fears that she will catch him looking at her.

The Alpha is different because he uses eye contact to display interest with confidence.

He’s comfortable looking people in the eyes and holding eye contact for longer than the beta.

In any situation when two people make direct eye contact the person who looks away first is viewed as being more submissive keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you should stare down every guy or girl you come across because you’ll just end up coming across as being creepy.

The Alpha knows when to break eye contact and also when to hold it especially with other males depending on the situation.

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Signs of a dominant man: conclusion

Copy of Cyan Futuristic Neon Gamer Birthday Social Media Post 4

These are the most important aspects of a dominant man signs and if you want to become the Alpha, start practicing them right away.

At first it will feel weird and uncomfortable it’s almost like trying to drive a car for the first time, the more that you practice driving a car the easier it is to stay within the lines and the more comfortable you will feel displaying the signs of a dominant man.

Works the same exact way, over time with enough practice you won’t have to consciously think about displaying the signs of the Alpha and this is when the magic happens.

Your subconscious mind will take over from there and the way that you carry yourself will automatically change how you think feel and behave.

You will quite literally become the Alpha.

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Signs of a dominant man


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