Signs a woman is damaged goods

Today’s video is six signs a woman is damaged goods. now being able to spot if you are potentially dating a lady that is damaged goods is going to save you a lot of heartache and stress.

Now a lady that is damaged goods is the type that really is just not willing to work on herself.

She is just aimlessly hoping for a guy to sweep down and save her.

Signs a woman is damaged goods

She is extremely vulnerable but not in a way that a guy is happy to hammer on his chest and feel like a king and help her.

She is so vulnerable that the guy ends up feeling like she is literally damaged goods.

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So let’s dive in together so you know what you are looking out for so that you can avoid her at all costs.

This is and keep reading:

Signs a woman is damaged goods: 6 Signs She’s Emotionally Damaged

1.      She moves the relationship on too fast

These types of ladies well they want a lot of reassurance and a lot of emotional connection all of the time and that’s because they don’t feel that they can give it to themselves therefore they expect it all from you.

She’s going to be very needy and she’s always seeking out emotional validation that you like her that you find her attractive and that the relationship is okay.

This is because she’s very needy so she’s so quick to move on the relationship because she wants validation.

So she’s quick to talk about moving in together in just the first couple of months of dating and she’s probably scared you with the talks about wedding bells and having children and that’s before you guys have even passed that three-month relationship mark.

Now in her mind she is just wanting a guy to slot into her life and fill in all of those blanks so that she feels okay but the sad thing here is it’s not her having an actual relationship with you and enjoying you as a person, it’s actually her using a manipulation technique to resolve her unmet needs.

2.      She endlessly talks about those that have done her wrong

Just like all of us, we all have emotional damage but she has been hurt but in her world her hurt is so extreme that she hasn’t quite dealt with it yet and she hasn’t put it to rest therefore it’s always a hot topic.

She uses her past as a way to excuse terrible behavior or erratic emotions and because she is unable to self-soothe she is depending on you to do that for her.

Signs a woman is damaged goods

She hasn’t healed from her past and she still finds it very painful so she talks about it consistently in a way to ease the pain but what you have to understand here is that you cannot do anything to help her out.

She needs to seek guidance and help herself even if she goes to therapy whatever she chooses to do, this person is known to self-sabotage her relationships.

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She does what she doesn’t want to do, she’s pushing people away and that’s the last thing she wants and that’s down to her excessive talk about her pain, about her past and the people that hurt her.

3.      She will expect you to fix her

We probably have all thought this at one point right that we thought you know what when I’m older I’m gonna have a relationship, they’re gonna be so perfect, they will be my perfect match and they will just seem to fix me and I don’t have to do any work but as we get older we realize relationships are all about compromise and the soon that you realize that you have to do your homework before you enter into a relationship the better and you guessed it the emotionally damaged lady is someone that has not done her self-healingprior to the relationship, so she just comes in with all her baggage therefore she’s going to expect you to run the relationship for the both of you.

She’s going to be expecting you to handle her responsibilities and always be available when she is upset and to do things that she wants to do all the time because she’s not realized she needs to handle this issue herself ,therefore she will always feel that herissues deserves direct attention.

4.      She uses other people’s success to make herself look better

These types of women sadly don’t have a lot going on in their life because they are experiencing so much pain on a daily basis it’s holding them back therefore they are well aware that they don’t have a lot to offer in a relationship.

So therefore to boost themselves they rely on the success of friends and family and co-workers in a bid to look a lot more successful, so the next time that you have a conversation with a specific lady in mind you have to start to analyze what she’s actually talking about is she talking about her own success or the success of someone else.

5.      She doesn’t really progress in the relationship

Naturally you will find that these women are easily persuaded to move the relationship on a lot quicker which is obviously very unhealthy however they don’t really invest in the relationship and you may find that they are happy to move in with you during the early days but give it so many months and so many years, you will always feel like there’s something missing and that’s because well there is; she’s wanting to have a relationship but she doesn’t want to actually be in a relationship.

She just wants the benefit of the reassurance, so you will find it’s always you planning the date nights, planning the holidays and when you do take her away somewhere, you will find that she just doesn’t really seem to be there or open up.

Signs a woman is damaged goods

It’s as if she has no emotional drive and the reality is she really doesn’t, she’s literally burnt out all the time by her own emotional damage so she can’t remain present in the moment.

So if you are the type of person whose love language is to feel affection, to have words of affirmation or physical touch, you will struggle to actually feel needed in the relationship with an emotionally damaged lady.

She is all about receiving however she is not capable of giving because well that’s just foreign to her.

6.     She always talks about how amazing her past self was

A lady that is stuck in the past will quite literally feel the pain from her yesteryears on a daily basis and it’s very sad but she’s the type of person that will always bring up how she was so much better when she had amazing health several years ago or she was just so much better when she had that high paying job three years ago.

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You will always find that she constantly makes reference to the previous self and that her current version is just boring and gray and not exciting in the slightest and if you notice that she always talks as if she’s just kind of given up and that her previous self was a lot better than what she is today then it’s obvious she’s not capable of getting happy basically and it’s obvious she is not going to progress anytime soon, so therefore you have to really think do you want to have a relationship with someone whose best years are behind them ? Probably not!

Signs a woman is damaged goods: Conclusion

Signs a woman is damaged goods

In this video I gave you six signs a woman is damaged goods. Save yourself by bring your eyes down whenever you begin a relationship with a woman so that you don’t get trapped before it’s too late.

No offense but you’ll find that most of the woman who is damaged goods is over age 30, likely a single mother and are unable to keep a man.

After considering these signs a woman is damaged goods, it’s up to you to choose if you want to get yourself committed to someone who no man really wants for who they are (other than their physical looks).

Whatever you choose is up to you but take this piece of advice from me buddy, never get into a relationship with a woman who is damaged goods hoping that you will change them, it won’t work!

That was it on the signs a woman is damaged goods, thanks for reading.

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