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What is Print on Demand ?

  • Print on Demand is a business model in which the seller creates graphic art designs, places them on products, when a customer buys that product, the design gets printed, packaged and shipped to the customer.
  • Some products which you can place your designs on include T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, coffee mugs, Pins, Totebags, Phone cases and so on.
  • Come to think of it, everyone wears T-shirts, even you reading this e-book is putting on a T-shirt. We all own hoodies, buy stickers, use coffee mugs, wear pins and the list goes on. What does this tell you about this business model? There’s an evergreen demand for your products!
  • The unique thing about the print on demand business model is that you don’t have to purchase products ahead of time and wait for customers to buy.
  • The Products are printed-on-demand, that is to say, only when a customers pays for a product is when production begins, hence your money won’t get tied down like it is with regular retail.

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  • The capital to start a print on demand business is very low and in most instance Zero. Yes!, you heard that right.
  • Most of the sites I’ll discuss in this guide follow the Print on Demand Business Model. All you need to do is just create a Free Account, Name Your Store, Upload Your designs and leave it to them.
  • They will handle the marketing, production, packaging and shipping of the products and as well as pay you your royalties after a sale.

Sites to consider when starting up


Teepublic has the fastest upload interface
  • Teepublic is the best print on demand platform in my opinion. The reason for this is because the run very targeted google shopping ads for every product on there platform. In addition to that, they also run targeted email marketing ads to customers who abandon their cart.
  • Teepublic is dominantly a T-shirt selling marketplace. From my experience on the platform, I sell T-shirts more than any other product in their catalogue offering which ranges from T-Shirts to Hoodies, Tank Tops, Crewneck Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Baseball T-Shirts, Stickers, Phone Cases, Laptop Cases, Kids T-Shirts, Kids Hoodie, Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Onesie, Mugs, Wall Art, Notebooks, Pillows, Totes, Tapestries, Pins, Magnet and Masks.
  • I made a video on my Youtube channel stating 5 reasons why Teepublic is best print on demand website, check it out Here.
  • The only challenge with Teepublic is that your designs won’t show up in search results on the marketplace, you have to email them and go through a vetting process before they will consider showing your designs on their marketplace.
  • Teepublic has the fastest upload interface. In addition to their single file uploader, you can also use the multi-file uploader to bulk upload designs at ease.
  • I made a video that will guide you on how to proper set up a Teepublic account, I also made another video walking you through how to make your designs show up in the marketplace, check that video out here.
Teepublic Earnings Proof
Teepublic Earnings Proof
  • From the Screenshot above you can see that I made $787.00 USD in one month from Teepublic. That was way back in December 2021 and I had 1700 designs uploaded on Teepublic at that time. I make around 20 Dollars per day selling on Teepublic alone.
  • The down-sides to Teepublic is that your designs won’t show up in the marketplace from the get go, also you can only upload 50 designs per day. They may accidentally delete your account if your design gets flagged for copyright infringement, a bot does this and hence you may get terminated from the platform accidentally by this bot (auto-banning system).
  • Another downside to Teepublic is that you cannot set the prices for your products, what that means is that everyone is on an equal playing field. But what is a bit annoying about this is that Teepublic runs frequent site-wide sales which sees a drop in the price of products on the marketplace and by extension a cut in the margin of artists who sell on the platform.
  • Teepublic Pays via two methods; Paypal and Payoneer. They pay you at the 15th of each month the accumulated earnings from your previous month.
  • There is no payment threshold for you to get paid, if you made just $1 for the whole of January, you’ll get paid exactly that $1 on the 15th of February.
  • Join Free here:


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Redbubble store front interface
  • Unlike Teepublic, Redbubble is dominantly a sticker selling marketplace. I must state at this point that Redbubble owns Teepublic, but they function independently as two different marketplaces.
  • The cool thing about Redbubble is that they ship to any country in the world. All you have to do is just upload your designs unto the platform and leave the marketing up to them.
  • You can just re-upload the same designs you have up on Teepublic to Redbubble. This will widen your reach and expose your designs to a broader audience.
Redbubble Earnings Proof
Redbubble Earnings Proof
  • In terms of marketing, Redbubble have a very strong email marketing set-up. In addition to that, I must say they run the most powerful retargeting ads to potential customers who abandon products in their cart.
  • Unlike Teepublic, Redbubble do not run site wide sales and to make it more interesting, you can adjust your profit margins for every product on your store.
  • By default, all products will be set at a profit margin of 20%, what I recommend is that you increase your profit margins to 80% or 100% on stickers once you reach your first 10 sales.
  • The down-side to Redbubble is that a minimum threshold of $20 is required before you will get paid on the platform.
  • Also, you can only upload 60 designs per day.
  • Similar to teepublic, You get paid on the on the 15th of every month but there is a twist. You’ll get paid your accumulated earnings from the 14th of the previous month to the 14th of the present month on the 15th of that month. (e.g. all sales between the 14th of January and 14th of February are paid by the 15th of
  • Checkout my Redbubble Income report here on my YouTube channel.
  • Join Free here:


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Etsy Print on Demand
  • Etsy is the 8th most Visited E-commerce Website in the world.
  • Etsy is an ecommerce marketplace known mainly for selling unique handmade craft products. However, they integrate with Printful and Printify to enable sellers sell T-shirts, Hoodies, Stickers and other Customizable products on their marketplace.
  • This is a huge opportunity for sellers to sell on one of the biggest e-commerce website in the world.
  • Unlike Teepublic and Redbubble where you list your items for free, on Etsy you’re charged a listing fee on $0.2 dollars for every item you list on your store.
Etsy Income Report
Etsy Income Report
  • On Etsy, there is no limit on the number of Items you can list per day, so you can upload as many products as you want on the platform provided that you’re able to cover the listing fee for each of those items.
  • The down-side to Etsy is that there are a lot of Fees associated with every sale you make on the platform, this include listing fees, transaction fees, tax as well and Advertising Fees.
  • If you’re selling on Etsy, I recommend that you up the margins for each product, so as to break even and make profit on your store.
  • Checkout my Etsy income report here.

  • Join Free here:


  • Zazzle is a print on Demand website like Teepublic and Redbubble that most sellers underrate.
  • I used to also underrate the platform. My perspective on Zazzle changed when I figured that I’d made sales by upload just 6 designs on their marketplace.
  • Zazzle has one of the fastest upload interface, second only to teepublic in my opinion.
  • Zazzle pays through two methods. The first one being PayPal and the second being via Check.
zazzle payment report 1
Zazzle payment report
  • One downside to Zazzle is that there is a payment threshold of $50 dollars for those who choose to get paid via Paypal, but you can request to get paid if you’re less than the payment threshold for a fee of $2.5.
  • The same applies to those who choose to get paid via check, the payment threshold for check payment is $100 or a charge of $5 for payments below the threshold.
  • Another downside to Zazzle is that creating a store on the platform comes a learning curve.
  • Join Free here:

Merch by Amazon/Amazon Seller Central

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Merch by Amazon
  • Amazon is the number e-commerce platform in the World.
  • As a company, Amazon has its own Print on Demand marketplace. It’s called Mercy-by-Amazon (M.B.A for short).
  • It works just like the other platforms we’ve discussed above. But instead of having daily limits, there are tier upload limits.
  • How this works is that you’re only able to list a certain number of products based of the number of previous sales you’ve attained.
  • The seller is initially provided with 10 slots or designs. This is considered as Tier 1. The more shirts the seller sells, the higher tier he gets, which allows him to display more designs
  • One downside to Merch by Amazon is that it is an invitation-only programme. This means that not just anybody can create an account and start selling on the platform. You have to apply to Amazon’s team and they will vet your account and if you’re considered worthy, your account will be approved.
  • Another way to sell T-shirts and other Print on Demand Items on Amazon asides merch by amazon is via Amazon Seller Central and Integration with Printful or Printify.
  • Join Free here:

How to find winning designs (basic guide)

There are ton of ways to find winning print on demand designs for your business and I’ve discussed most of these methods on my Youtube Channel.

Nonetheless, I’ll go ahead and discuss some of those methods here.

  • Bubbletrends

Firstly this tool is your best friend:

It will help you find what is trending and so you are not wasting your time on designs that
may not sell, I’ll explain how it works below:

bubbletrends screenshot
Bubbletrends screenshot
  • Head over to and click “start for free”
  • Click on register here from the bottom left corner of the page
  • Input your email address and password and click ‘Register’
  • Once you’re registered, all you have to do is login to your new account.
  • From there everything is pretty straight-forward, the first column is S/NO i.e Serial Number, the second is  Trending keyword and the third is Number of results.
  • The amazing thing about this tool is that it arranges the designs in order of least competitive to the most competitive.
bubbletrends screenshot
  • The designs are updated daily, so do check out this tool everyday so as to see new emerging designs and jump on them before anyone else.
  • You can as well go as far back as November 2020 to see designs that have trended in time past.
  • I made a detailed video explaining how to use this tool, go check it out.
  • Twitter

Twitter is such a powerful tool when it comes to doing print on demand niche research. The social media app can let you know exactly what t-shirt designs are in the public consciousness at any given time by simply tweaking and manipulating their search algorithm.

I’ll explain how it works

  • Login to your twitter account
  • From the search bar, type this keyword “need this shirt” and hit the search button.
  • Click on Latest from the different tabs.

    Twitter research method
    Twitter research method
  • Start Scrolling down, you’ll see the latest t-shirt designs that people on twitter are searching for.
  • Go ahead and re-create your own version of this t-shirts. You can market it to them their on twitter and as well put it up on sale in your store.
  • Be careful of copyright infringement.
  • Google Trends

Google trends is such a powerful tool when it comes to print on demand research. A lot of people don’t know this. Just like twitter, with the right configurations and tweaks to the algorithm, you can get the latest break-out trending designs with low competition and high demand designs before it becomes saturated.

Here is how to use it:

  • Go to
  • From the top right corner of the page, change your default country to the United States
  • From the search bar, type the keyword “t shirt” and hit enter
  • Change the Time-frame from Past 12 months to last 7 days
  • Scroll to the very bottom right corner, from there you will see the section that says “Related Queries”
Using Google Trends for Print on Demand Research
Using Google Trends for Print on Demand Research
  • This is where you will see the very hot selling new t-shirt designs that are trending within the past week.
  • You can also tweak the search term as well as time-frame to get different results for different products and time duration.
  • I made a detailed video that walks you through how to use this method, go check it out.


Another amazing tool you can use to do print on demand research is a tool called Researchbase. Check it out here:

I made a detailed video Explaining how to use this tool, go check it out.

Teepublic Search Bar

Teepublic has this feature where they show you the very top six keywords trending on their platform at any given time. This will give you an idea of what shoppers are actively searching for on their platform.

trending searches teepublic
Trending searches Teepublic

All you have to do is:

  • Go to
  • Click on the search bar
  • You’ll see a list of trending searches on the platform.
  • Be careful with these suggestions, some times the suggestions contain keywords that infringe on Intellectual Property and Copyright.

Scaling Your Designs

  • Create Different Colour Variations of your designs

If you do manage to find a winning design and make a sale off it, I recommend that you create different colour variations of that very design and list it unto more products with colours that contrast the design as shown below:

Scaling your designs


You can do this on auto-pilot using a free bot. This will save you a whole lot of time. I made a video on how to do this, Go check it out.

How to create designs on any platform (PC, Laptop, Mobile Devices)

– PC & Laptop use:

– Mobile Devices:

Over app on IOS & Android

(Photopea also works on phones)

If you’re just starting out with designing for print on demand, I recommend that you set your dimensions (the size of your designs) to 12000 pexels by 12000 pexels. That way, your designs will fit on all products from stickers to bed duvets and wall art.

How to tag and get your designs seen

The tags you use for your designs are very crucial to what search terms your designs will show up for. On both Redbubble and you can use up to 15  but I recommend you limit your tags to 8-9 tags because it’ll help the algorithm.

Do not engage in tag spamming, it can lead to account termination. Tag spamming is classified as the use of inappropriate, irrelevant, or misleading tags to products. For example Using irrelevant tags like the tag blue on a work that contains only red.

It also includes inappropriately duplicating a specific tag, for example: Hunting, Hunting1, hunting2, hunting3, hunting4 etc.

You can use free tools to generate tags for your designs, these tools include:

TopBubbleIndex – Tag Generator Tool

Merch Titans Automation – Free RedBubble Tags Generator Tool

How to Automate Your Print on Demand Business

One thing I like about Print on Demand compared to other business models is the fact that you can practically automate every part of the business.

From design creation to upload and even scaling out your business. I’ve made videos on my channel explaining how to set up these automations and run them on your stores, go check out the videos:

Congratulations, You’ve come to the end of this e-Book.

I guarantee that when you follow everything I have discussed above in this e-Book for at least 1 hour everyday, by the end of the month you’ll have yourself some sales.

And like the saying goes, Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.

For more info plus video tutorials Subscribe to my Youtube Channel here: Nwibana Emmanuel Youtube
If you have not already join my Facebook Group here: Nwibana Emmanuel – Print on Demand
(There are a lot of people getting sales, a great place to talk to other sellers like you!)

Check out the tools below to Grow your P.O.D Business:

To automate your design uploads check out “MerchTitans Automation”

Merch Titans automation tool
Merch Titans automation tool

Find it here:

To get professional graphics of changeable design templates check out “CreativeFabrica”

Teacher sublimation designs Bundle Graphics 26017553 580x387 1
Creative Fabrica

Find it here:

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