How to text a girl after a long time

How to text a girl after a long time is what I am going to cover in the blog post. I will give you 4 tips on how you can text a girl after a long time and overall you should follow this tips when texting girls.

Now, the difference between why you are getting women and why you are not getting women is all about turning off your actual mindset.

How to text a girl after a long time: Introduction

Let’s face it deep down everyone has insecurities and fears and doubts and everyone hates to feel lonely so naturally if you display this over text well it’s not attractive and instead you need to turn off the mindset and adapt the mindset of what a woman is actually looking for, which is someone that is confident (but not arrogant), that they can just get on with life when things get tough, they are generous, they’re kind, mysterious and they are able to make plans and arrange dates.

You are boring if you text her with a very basic and the typical hey {insert name} what did you do today? Hey [insert name] how was your day at work? Hey [insert name] have you seen this latest movie?

Look! it’s the safe option and I totally get that you want to send this to a lady because you don’t want to come across very interested and you don’t want to be rejected so you play it safe but you smack bang in the middle of the friend zone and attraction and it’s boring it doesn’t do anything and you are probably never really going to get a text back to this or if you do you probably will find it would take a long time to receive a text back and if it is, it’s pretty much half assed.

How to text a girl after a long time: 4 Ultimate tips to follow

1.      Do not text her too much

How to text a girl after a long time

Guys don’t understand but if you send novels or text her too often throughout the day then you can expect that potential relationship to fizzle out very quickly like a bath bomb from lush.

Just because you think about a specific girl often doesn’t mean that you have to text her every time you do.

The idea remember is to build attraction over text message, so call her to arrange a date and eventually to have a relationship.

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Obviously providing everything works in your favor so texting too much lowers that actual attraction building process.

What you have to understand is that when you are trying to attract her she is naturally going to take how you act and then apply that in a makeshift relationship and assume that’s how you are if you were in a relationship, for example that’s how you are as her boyfriend.

So if you never pick up the phone then she would think okay he’s always busy or if you choose to send lots of text messages that are very long she’s probably going to think that you know what I just want a guy that just calls me up and tells me under two minutes straight that he wants a date, he’s able to arrange something instead of it being a back and forth over six text messages and no one wants to date a guy who doesn’t do anything in his day (you know) apart from texting ladies, it’s weird.

2.      Do not come off creepy

Creepiness is found in serving up compliments in text messages.

For example telling a lady how beautiful she is or how much you really appreciate how she puts herself together in her work uniform followed by something suggestive or a suggestive emoji.

This usually works for a night only type of thing but when it comes to an actual long-term relationship this really will knock down any potential steps you have built up towards her heart and you will probably find that she has screenshot these messages and sent them to all of her friends and you are being laughed at now.

The big reason that these text messages do not work it’s because they just presume you are out to get one thing and one thing only and if you have to give them a compliment to start a conversation well that just says that you don’t know how to talk to people and also they will think you are very shallow and that you don’t see anything past their external being.

3.      Avoid being desperate

How to text a girl after a long time

Desperation definitely comes across on text messages if you have to say I need to tell you how much I like you and you have to tell them how amazing they are well ew!

It’s very desperate and very not attractive, so this applies to those double texts that you send not respecting their busy life and then following up texts later on because you think that they are ignoring you where you actually say are you ignoring me? Why didn’t you respond to my last text message? I’ve seen you have been online, this is weird.

Girls are allowed to prioritize other things over you for example work related tasks, maybe they were online messaging their mum back on messenger about an issue.

Don’t expect her to honor you or something along those lines, she really don’t owe you anything and she shouldn’t be replying straightaway to your messages when she isn’t in a relationship, this doesn’t build any mystery, it’s not fun, it’s boring it’s desperate and it’s more of a nice guy approach to texting.

How do you expect a girl to respond to a specific text where you say why have you been ignoring me or double text, double text, double text.

It’s desperate and girls wouldn’t really want anything more to do with you.

Now the overall summary here is that text messages are meant to be fun, they’re supposed to be flirty and kept very short because you want to advance the conversation to a phone call and then arrange a date out to find out more about her over well face-to-face interaction not actually over text message.

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So pick up the phone and talk to her, don’t do a video chat because that would be pretty awkward.

Just pick up the phone and say hey! I really like you, let’s arrange a date probably not in those exact words but you get the gist here, lots of guys miss the point that texts are supposed to be fun and they just come across very serious and straight up, I want a relationship are you available yes or no.

4.      Avoid using too many emojis in your messages

How to text a girl after a long time

Now this one believe it or not can actually lower your attraction value, the more emojis you use so the common rule is the more emoji is the less attraction so try to find a good balance.

Yes emojis are fun, it’s a way of communicating however a study based on single ladies and the use of text messages proved that ladies found a guy a lot less attractive if they use an emoji in every single message they sent.

So if you happen to be an offender of the double texts that means twice the amount of emojis, twice the chances of lowing your attraction levels.

I guess we could say that emojis are used as a very emotional way of communicating over text message and probably left to be kept towards the feminine type of people or the feminine guys, feminine ladies.

You see where I’m going with this, so you have to understand that being too expressive over text message is a little bit weird remember, women dig the mysterious nature of guys so the more mysterious that you can be with your messages the better.

Obviously don’t send her ransom note type things, just say they make a conversation, progress it to a video call or progress it to an actual phone call and take it from there.

Try to get her know her on the date and keep the text messages short and sweet to build attraction and to lower the awkwardness.

How to text a girl after a long time: Conclusion

How to text a girl after a long time

In this blog post I have gone over how to text a girl after a long time. Now the tips covered above should guide your general interaction when dealing with girls whether it’s been after a long time or not.

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In summary, you should never appear desperate. Now desperation is the default state guys fall  when they are trapped between not having many options and as well of not being confident in themselves and their skill sets. You should also not text her too much, do not double texts or ask her over text why she isn’t responding to your messages, do not become creepy and finally try as much as possible to ditch using emojis moving forward.

That was it on how to text a girl after a long time.

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