how to test your girlfriend if she is cheating

How to test your girlfriend if she is cheating is a you are asking because you’re suspicious your girlfriend is cheating on you right? In this blog post I am going to give you 10 signs on how to test your girlfriend if she is cheating.

So are you being paranoid or is your gut feeling telling the truth? Is she just happily scrolling through memes or is there another dude banging the hell out of her.

She stopped being touchy-feely because it’s that time of the month again or does she prefer to be in the sheets of another guy?

Is she being jealous of other girls because she loves you or is she guilty of fooling around?

With these few solid signs, you’ll go from getting played to gaining the upper hand.

Let’s begin

How to test your girlfriend if she is cheating: 10 signs to look out for

how to test your girlfriend if she is cheating

1.     She spends more time on her phone

Is she using it more than before even when she’s with you? If so there’s someone on the other side who matters more than you.

Notice if her face lights up when reading texts, do you notice her smile is like the way she used to smile at you, well that’s because there’s someone else making her happy.

2.     She’s keeping her phone away from you

Look! You shouldn’t use her phone without her consent and even so it’s quite creepy to pry around your girlfriend’s phone unless you’re dead sure something’s up but if she suddenly becomes protective of her phone from you something wrong is happening behind your back. This is the first sign to look out for when it comes to how to test your girlfriend if she is cheating.

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3.     She suddenly becomes suspicious

So she’s very wary of whether you’re checking her phone right even accusing you of being jealous or controlling but now she’s become jealous as well she insists you’re attracted to your female friend whom you’ve known for ages.

Does she lure you into a trap where she asks you if you think her friend is hot or grabs your phone and checks your messages looking out if you’re texting someone else.

If your girlfriend suddenly starts to become jealous this is a sign of someone easing her guilty conscience.

4.     She’s talking way too much to some guy

The third sign to look out for on how to test your girlfriend if she is cheating is that she talks way too much and extensively to some guy.

This is one of the most obvious signs your girlfriend is cheating. Some guys may pass this up thinking he’s just a friend with harmless intentions but 9 out of 10 times this isn’t the case and with issues like finding out if your girl cheats you’d rather go with your gut feeling than giving the benefit of the doubt.

Your girlfriend might tell you she’s been texting with a new friend just so you won’t suspect it but beneath it lurks your greatest fear,

5.     She complains or fights with you more

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Do you feel she’s looking for reasons to start a fight with you? If so she’s looking for reasons to get out of the relationship.

She can’t directly tell you so she’s hoping this might lead to a breakup. Does she also constantly nag about things she doesn’t like about you, like the way you dress, your hobby or when you leave your dead end job?

These complaints might be valid but if these come suddenly she’s telling you she’s not happy with you anymore.

6.     She spends less time with you than before

When you were just a few months in the relationship she couldn’t stand not seeing you every day but now she doesn’t invite you to hang out anymore.

Is she giving excuses as to why she doesn’t want to spend more time with you like the way she used to it’s a sign someone else is on her mind.

7.     She’s not touchy feely anymore

She used to sit with you in the couch and cuddle, spontaneously hug and kiss you but now she’s gone cold.

Physical intimacy is a major sign of affection so if she’s become physically distant it’s a huge sign of something wrong.

Try to initiate cuddling and if she pulls away consider this a red flag.

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8.     She’s adopted new personality traits

Do you notice her personality changing? Like a new interest or hobby maybe she’s learned new expressions or a slang you’ve never heard her speak before.

People change naturally over time but if these seem to come out of nowhere she may be getting it from another person also does her viewpoint about a particular subject suddenly change?

We look highly at people we admire so we tend to become easily influenced by their opinions but maybe she’s learned it from a new book or documentary so only is suspicious if this comes up with these other signs.

9.     She’s working out to be in shape and you’re out of the picture

Working out, dieting and looking after yourself is great but if she’s not sharing her new found passion with you then you have a right to be suspicious.

What’s more? If she chooses not to show off her hard work to you like not sending you selfies of her working out you should be smart enough to know her efforts are not for you.

10.  She changes the subject when that guy comes up

This last sign requires you to be more observant. Does she change the subject or act unnaturally disinterested when this guy comes up in the conversation?

If so she’s being defensive and a bit guilty so she tries to steer away the topic from that person. If she doesn’t shy away from talking about someone.

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She may gush about him even try to compare you with him; she’s definitely interested in this particular guy.

You might think she wouldn’t try to be so obvious about it but most of the time the red flag is right in front of you so do these signs.

Check out with your girl.

How to test your girlfriend if she is cheating: Conclusion

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It is easy to test if you girlfriend is cheating on you if you look out for the 10 signs outlined above, especially when they happen consecutively and consistently.

Nonetheless, it does not do well to be too suspicious and creepy just because you want to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Always check out that your girlfriend is exhibit 2 or more of this signs before you take your suspicions serious and when you find out she is displaying multiple of the 10 signs discussed in this post I recommend you call her out on it.

Do not be the guy who resorts to passive aggression and seeks to revenge on her by going to also cheat on her when in the first place you did not call her out on it and talk through it.

Also, do not be too attached to this girl, remember you don’t own her it is just your turn boys.

That is it for how to test your girlfriend if she is cheating.

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