How to tell if a girl wants you to make a move

How to tell if a girl wants you to make a move is very important because there’s nothing worse than making a move on someone to find out oh man they weren’t really interested in the first place and that you have completely over judged their behavior or not actually making a move (to begin with) because you didn’t actually think they liked you.

Which one is worse? I am pretty sure they’re both at the same level of just oh my gosh why did I do that, so stick around to the end of the post because you are going to learn many tips about how to tell if a girl wants you to make a move.

This is, keep reading.

How to tell if a girl wants you to make a move: 9 Overlooked Signs

How to tell if a girl wants you to make a move

1.      Her body language is relaxed and very open

If it doesn’t look as though she’s sitting awkward or standing awkward for example she doesn’t have her arms crossed or her legs crossed or she really is showing this shoulder area towards you then it means she’s comfortable and that’s a good thing.

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If she is sitting or standing next to you as if her friend would then this is great news.

If girls do not feel comfortable they will in a sense shield themselves away from you by using their body.

2.      She leans in towards you when you are talking

Picture having a conversation with one of your best friends, naturally you guys are going to move towards each other and move further away and you’re not going to be mindful of this behavior because you’re so comfortable.

If a lady is interested in you, naturally she’s going to lead towards you so if she does this it means she’s comfortable enough for you to make the next move.

3.      Her smile and her laughter is actually genuine

You need to be looking and judging, analyze how she’s smiling and laughing.

Now it’s very easy to notice if she’s actually smiling with her eyes, so if she’s very happy and not faking it you will see those little tiny eye creases, those wrinkles and that’s natural.

It means she’s using lots of her facial muscles and if her cheekbones rains up it means she generally is laughing and this is a good sign that she is interested in having an amazing time.

Now remember! she is going to be doing some of the hard work for you, she will be over compensating on your jokes and laughing more than usual in a way to let you know that she’s feeling super comfortable so that you guys can go to the next stage.

4.      She touches you

How to tell if a girl wants you to make a move

We all know that touching someone it’s a boundary breaker and we just don’t do it.

So if you do that too much or too often it can come across pretty creepy.

So judge! Is she touching you? for example if she swats a fly on your forearm well this really is not a sign of attraction but if she does touch your arm when she’s asking you a question or she touches you and she just moves past you in the corridor these are amazing signs.

Now you have to analyze whether this bit of touching was necessary for the action.

For example did she have to elbow you slightly to get your attention to ask you if you would like a drink from the staff room because you had your head set on and you were talking to a customer, if so well it’s not a sign of attraction but if you guys are talking face to face and she touches you on the arm to ask you a question or to ask to get something for you, well baby this is a sign of attraction.

It’s her physical touching and breaking of this personal boundary, it’s her basically saying hey! I’m interested, I’m testing out this physical interaction please don’t file a HR concern I just want to see if you are attracted to me and when she does touch you I’m not talking about anything woo-woo here I’m just saying that you will feel that electricity from her when she’s close by and in those moments when she actually touches you at that time the neurons will light up in your brain and you will quite literally feel like a Christmas tree when she does touch you and if you notice this well it’s a very good sign.

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If however you are doubting if she has accidentally touched you for example maybe she had to put her hands out to brush past you once you were both in a tight squeeze in the stationary closet so the best thing to do is to let her do it again.

If she doesn’t feel that you are put off by her touching you, she will keep trying to do it more to entice you.

Providing she thinks that you are a little bit interested because otherwise it’s creepy on her behalf, so when she does touch you and you aren’t too sure if it was a flirty thing or not don’t make a thing of it just pass it off gently and wait for her to do it again and then you will know.

5.      She responds well to you touching her

With all this touching on how to tell if a girl wants you to make a move, let’s talk about how she responds to your touch.

Let’s pretend that she has started doing the touching and you want to go in and tap her on the shoulder and ask her for a cup of tea or coffee to understand if you can make the next move is how she responds to your touch.

Does she pull away slightly afterwards (it’ll be very minimal if she does because she won’t want to cause a scene) as if she’s trying to maintain a distance between you both or is she trying to get closer to let you know that she’s over compensating-ly trying to break that physical boundary and saying hey buddy it’s okay touch me! I like it.

Now there’s something that I have to say and guys I really want you to remember this, if anything from this post, remember what I’m about to tell you and that is in the back of a girl’s head they are very aware of how women can be mistreated by guys so what I mean by that is they are very conscious that they don’t lead a guy on and they are very conscious to shutdown any unwanted attention because let’s face it women are in a society where bad things do happen and I know you know what I’m going on about here the whole me too movement this is what I’m referring to so she will make it very obvious if she is comfortable or if she is not.

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A very easy sign is if you happen to be standing next to each other, you might notice she adjusts her clothes and she possibly puts a handbag on the other side that she’s shielding herself from you.

It’s subtle but please remembers girls will definitely over compensate if they like you or not based on that touching.

6.      She has excited and bubbly behavior

If you are both in a scenario where the first kiss (because this will happen), if she has been daydreaming about kissing you for awhile and that will come to play in how she acts with you, for example if she feels she’s in a perfect situation where that first kiss can happen, she’ll be a little bit giddy and a bit excited thinking about it and that’s when you can think you know what this is a good time for me to actually unleash the move and give her that nice big kiss that she has been dreaming about all day.

7.      She gives you the sultry eyes

How to tell if a girl wants you to make a move

Now guys you know what I mean by saying this, it’s a type of look that a girl gives you when she’s interested.

It’s not that typical look that a manager gives you if she’s giving you a one-to-one in the staff room because you’ve broken the printer again.

It’s something a little bit different, it’s a gaze that when teamed up with chemistry and it’s hard to me to describe but I know that you know what this means and if she has been giving you this look for a while and then greeting this with a nice inviting smile well it’s time to make the next move.

8.      She asks you lots of personal questions

Let’s talk about moves which aren’t going to be the first kiss and this is going to be the first dat.

If she’s asking you personal things about your life that is not related to work or the project it’s a good sign because she wants to get to know you out of that professional setting.

So if you can couple this tip up with several more from the post then you are definitely in the right space at the right time to make that next move.

9.      She tries to spend as much alone time with you

As physically possible! This will apply if you both have a very similar friend group or if you are working on a work project together in a group.

She will try to steer everything to another location, a location that is a little bit more relaxed, quiet, less people, literally just you two and potentially romantic and it also applies in work situations that she always wants you to come with her to do the tea rounds, to pick up the documents from the printing room and a great example is if you guys do work together, you may all of a sudden wonder why she’s struggling with something that seemed to be okay a month ago.

She could be constantly ringing you talking about her inbox being broken when you think but I fixed it two weeks ago, well buddy it’s because she wants to spend time with you.

How to tell if a girl wants you to make a move: Conclusion

How to tell if a girl wants you to make a move

In this post, I have given you 9 obvious signs to look out to know if how to tell if a girl wants you to make a move on her, most of the signs discussed in this post requires that you closely monitor her body language.

When a girl wants you to make a move on her, she’ll kind off blow any slight gesture you make towards her out of proportion and she will put you both in a situation where you have the leeway to make a move on her.

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She will give you those sultry eyes, touch you when it’s not called for and act submissive and welcoming when you touch her.

Now, if you’ve seen a couple of these signs in a woman then its safe to say you should make your move, worst case scenario she will say she’s not ready yet or turn you down but at least she knows you’re not most of those guys who are too scared of rejection that they can’t make a move on a woman.

That was it on how to tell if a girl wants you to make a move.

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