How to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym

So you want to know how to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym? Girls absolutely love it when you are in control, unleashing that confident version of you that will ask them out on a date and basically call all the shots.

How to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym

But right now you’re probably saying Mansumo I never actually know when a girl is interested or maybe, I don’t want to come on strong to someone that actually isn’t interested in me and make myself look like a fool which is understandable but luckily this post will give you the lay down of how to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym and when I say checking you out I mean she likes you and wants you to take the next step to ask her out.

How to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym: 11 Ways to Know a Girl Likes You

How to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym

1.      She engages in meaningful conversations

Completely forget the small talk here and the how was your gym session talk which is just typical gym chatter chat you would expect to fill in those awkward silences as two people wall out of the gym hall.

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What I mean is conversations that get just a little bit personal, you know your dreams your background, lots of why questions.

You need to understand this little thing, girls love to talk in chatter but when they really want a guy to invest in them; they want to let them know they are interested even by the small things.

For example if she asks you a question that you think is a little odd this is a sign of her interest. For example if you once mentioned that your dog had an operation and she asked many months later about how she is doing that’s because she wants you to know that she cares, therefore she is a good option for you to date.

2.      She seems to appear from absolutely anywhere and everywhere

 Yes this could be some paranormal activity but more likely it’s because of her interest, now come to think of it you’re probably thinking you know what she does popup quite a lot.

She seems to be walking past your gym space more than often, stopping by at your favorite coffee shop at the same time every morning or showing up to that place that you love to go with your friends.

Understand this; she wants to be physically around you so that you notice her.

3.      Invasion of your personal space

This is similar to the advice before but much more personal. Now she will want to sit close to you, literally sit next to you whenever she can, maybe stand next to you in a queue and come off as very friendly by touching your arm when she laughs about something or maybe even saying hi to you as she walks past you but she gets your attention by giving you a quick jab, a quick poke, now this is a good sign so do not ignore this one.

4.      She will talk about other girls to see how you react

 This is known as the classic playing hard to get, she comes across just a little cold by asking how things are going with a certain girl at the office or even asking questions that will make you reveal your relationship status and she is going to be sneaky so keep this in mind.

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The questions will come off as general conversation for example oh I thought you had this thing with this person here or you say I thought that that person you were with was your girlfriend never mind.

5.      Flirting and teasing

Girls absolutely love flirting and I think it’s what they really do best. At any moment if she is playful and teasing you by calling you certain names and showing you a lot of banter, take this as a sign of interest.

6.      She finds you funny

If you notice she is finding you funny and she laughs even at your most cringiest corniest jokes, this is a very good sign.

7.      Lots of eye contact

You catch her staring at you a lot in the gym or in class she always seems to be looking in your direction and throughout the day when you guys talk in person her eyes are very much locked onto your.

8.      She doesn’t want you around any other girls

This is the jealousy tactic, she will try to get you on her own and this could be sitting at an empty table during lunch away from any prospective lady interest and getting you to sit next to her.

She will be one step ahead in this jealousy game and will try to put her best self in your radar to banish any other girls around.

9.      She dresses to impress

She makes an effort to show off her most confident self to impress you, this could be something subtle such as perfume and earrings so do not confuse this with a woman who likes to look good every day.

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A sign of interest is those small details that spritz of perfume, that classy hairstyle you may not have noticed before and the reason is because she is trying harder than ever to look good so that you notice her.

10. Playing with her hair

Yes I know the typical Hollywood movie idea of a girl twisting a section of hair around her finger well believe me it’s actually a real thing and it isn’t going to be as obvious as very sultry kind of tussling of the hair, it could just be adjusting her ponytail like or pulling her hair over one shoulder.

It’s an automatic attraction move all girls do – so look out for it.

11. Her body language

 This is a super huge enormous sign to look out for and it could be the way that she sits at her desk, the certain way her legs are crossed so that she appears feminine and rested or even the way she actually engages with you.

She will make sure that at any chance that you could see her, she’s always showing off her best self so greeting people in the same room as you, she’s going to have a warm smile and showing her fun energetic side just in case you happen to look over in her direction at that very moment.

How to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym: Conclusion

How to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym

So after all of these tips on how to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym if you have noticed she is doing more than three of these then take it from me; she is interested and she is waiting for you to let on that you like her too and there you go that will be the start of a relationship.

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