How to tell a girl she’s beautiful without saying it

How to tell a girl she’s beautiful without saying it is kind of a difficult task to do but not to worry because after reading this post you will discover seven subtle tips on how to tell a girl she’s beautiful without saying it.

You see as men, we’re very logical, direct and straight-to-the point by design and whilst this is a good thing when it comes to leadership and doing business it could mar your game with women because hey! Our female counterparts are the direct opposite of anything straight-to-the point.

How to tell a girl she's beautiful without saying it

Women and emotional beings and as awkward as it may sound; they get stimulated mentally and emotionally, so if you’re thinking on how to tell a girl she’s beautiful without saying it you have to master the tips discussed below and use them to your advantage in tapping into the mind of a woman and subtly communicating to her that she is beautiful even without coming out direct or creepy as the case may be.

Here are seven subtle tips on how to tell a girl she’s beautiful without saying it.

Ready ? Lets go!

How to tell a girl she’s beautiful without saying it: 7 Subtle tips

How to tell a girl she's beautiful without saying it

1.      Don’t start off with a compliment

It doesn’t work! Never message someone that you’ve never spoken to before with a compliment.

Never start a new conversation with a compliment and never approach a person that you don’t know and give them a compliment.

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By doing this it just comes across very weird and creepy.

You need to build value first and create connection so that she feels comfortable to actually want to talk to you and actually reply to your messages.

2.      Do not over compliment

If you give a girl way too many compliments too soon it comes across creepy because she feels you are desperate and trying super duper hard to get her to want to talk to you.

So spread the compliments out! Perhaps you feel she ignored the first compliment therefore you feel like you have to give her another one but let me give you a little secret, are you ready for this guys?

Sometimes girls do not know how to actually respond to compliments because a lot of times they get complimented on how they look, so that’s just easy to say oh thanks, great I roll.

However when they get a true unique compliment about something more meaningful about themselves they are quite literally lost for words because it feels different almost uncomfortable and they don’t know what to say.

So just because she hasn’t said anything to your compliment doesn’t mean that she hasn’t taken it onboard.

So do not, do not send her lots of compliments or feel it’s necessary to compliment her every time you see her, its creepy!

3.      Use the third party compliment

How to tell a girl she's beautiful without saying it

T his is probably one of the best ways to avoid creepiness and also to avoid you being turned down and blanked and that is to use the leverage of someone else’s compliment, cheeky but golden.

You can message a girl or talk to her in person and you can say something as easy as “Simon from the marketing department says you’re actually pretty funny you know what? Now we’ve been chatting a couple of times whilst we’ve been collecting our documents at the end of the day from the printer, I can really see what he means now”.

This is a beautiful compliment because if she feels a bit awkward about the compliment and you think oh no! I’ve lost her, you can just pull away from it, and you don’t have any attachment to it because you didn’t say it.

However if she feels good about receiving that compliment, you get the full benefit of those feel-good feelings however don’t turn this creepy by saying something like Simon from marketing says that you are absolutely gorgeous and you know what I agree with him because in reality it makes you look creepy and Simon from marketing creepy.

4.      Do not comment on her appearance

Guys are visual creatures and the first thing they notice about potential date is how good looking they are however this doesn’t mean that you should tell a girl that you appreciate her looks because they are not visual creatures remember.

A lot of people will say but Mansumo if she’s attractive she knows she’s attractive and I’m just telling her and if she can’t take a compliment well that’s her fault and you know what guys I get your point and you could say that she is being potentially rude if she doesn’t say thanks and blanks you if you comment on her appearance however what you don’t realize is attractive people get these compliments all the time.

It’s boring, it’s generic and it’s nothing exciting so you’ve probably experienced this when you reply to someone’s story on social media and you send them a message.

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Something along the lines of wow you looked absolutely amazing, so stunning, and so gorgeous in that later selfie you uploaded, to only be greeted by silence.

Now the reason for this is because you’ve turned her off and if she is the lady who is very good looking, she probably has lots and lots of messages in her inbox all saying the same thing.

So she’s just going to scroll past them and just think wow another day of endless compliments that mean nothing to me.

Women do not want to be treated as trophy girlfriends so remember that.

Now the beauty of not talking about her appearance (pun intended) means that you actually stand out.

So let’s say for example you were trying to hook up with a girl you’ve seen on social media and if you stand out and compliment her on something apart from her appearance you are much more likely for her to actually reply to your compliment or she will at least give you a stalk and try to figure out whether it’s worth investing her time into you.

5.      Be confident when you deliver when you deliver your compliment

No matter what way you choose to do this you have to be feeling confident because women love confident men.

They want to date someone that is very sure of themselves and is not afraid to back down on their opinions (within reasons of course).

One of the biggest mistakes that I see a lot of guys doing is to say  I’m so sorry to tell you this but you were just so drop dead gorgeous and I’m really sorry for saying that, now are you really sorry ? No!

It shows it’s very insincere and it’s also a sign of weakness and being too sensitive.

If you have to apologize to say this is awkward I know I’m apologizing which makes it okay like you can’t erase creepiness when you have been creepy remember.

That was the fifth tip on how to tell a girl she’s beautiful without saying it.

6.      Compliment her on things that she has invested in

We’re not talking about stocks or shares or finances or premium bonds or pensions.

We are talking about some things she has put her own hours and hours and hours into.

It could be learning a second language, it could be jujitsu, and it could be the hours it took for her to be a graphic designer or just something simple.

The effort that she has put into make sure her outfit matches. A girl will love these types of compliments because it shows that you can actually value her for something much more than her looks.

It resonates somewhere deeper inside, it shows that you have seen she’s a beautiful person but you want to let her know that you appreciate her for her determination and her goals.

7.      Compliment her interests and quirks

How to tell a girl she's beautiful without saying it

Complimenting a lady on something that she is interested in is a very good thing to do.

You may see a lady in a café who is reading a book about ancient civilization and this is a great way for you to compliment her and say oh my gosh that book looks really good. I’m interested in anything from the Egyptian era myself and I have to say I’m pretty blown away to see someone else that has the same interest as me I really like that.

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Remember that a compliment isn’t just you saying something nice and then getting a bit awkward and running away.

It’s you saying something to get your foot into the doorway of a potential relationship, so if you can comment on something that she is interested in that has to match your own interests or quirks which will help it’s a great way to build that connection straight off the bat.

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