How to play a player girl

How to play a player girl sounds evil and very manipulative doesn’ it ? But is it really bad to know how to play a girl who is playing you ? come to think of it.

It might interest you to know that Some of these mind play actually make the relationship work much better.

I get it, crazy right?

Some games make you chase ladies harder and make you commit to a relationship.

An example of a bad mind game is gas lighting,  guilt tripping and shaming and if a girl ever  does these things you need to leave her very  quickly.

But in today’s post we are diving  deep into how to play a player girl.

We will unmask the female psychology of mind games  that women play.

This is and keep reading.

In order to play a player girl, you first need to know the psychological mind games that girls play on guys and then by understanding these games you will know how to combat her and play her back.

So without much ado here is the list.

How to play a player girl: Psychological Mind Games Women Play On Guys

How to play a player girl

#1. She replies to you much later.

If this is genuine and she’s busy then you can’t scold her for it. It’s okay.

But for the majority of the time, if it takes her ages to message you back  yet you’ve seen that she’s been online, she’s  making you wait to claim the power back.

She wants you to question what your intentions are about her, to kind of make you guys become closer.

#2. I’m not interested behavior

A woman really has  to qualify a guy before she dates him. She wants  to make sure he isn’t aggressive, rude, selfish or  immature and by acting like she’s not interested  in you gives her more time to figure you out.

But  it lets her know how interested you are of course,  because a lot of women try to avoid the players  with this maneuver.

A guy that is only interested  in a fling and a one night stand will not pursue  her at the first hurdle meaning that the guy who  sticks around is proven to be worth her time.

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So  this type of mind game doesn’t mean she’s acting  completely disinterested, she just plays a little  bit hard to get.

She gives you the vibe that she likes  you and she’s flirting a lot, however she doesn’t  jump at the chance to go on a date with you.

She kind of lingers around and delays it  a little bit just to see how desperate you  are to make things work out.

#3. She turns down the first date.

This is actually very common  and most guys have witnessed this mind game  believe it or not.

A lady will turn down your  first date by saying she thinks she’s busy or  she doesn’t really like that idea of the date.

She wants you to try harder to see if you will  give up quickly or if you persist proving that  you genuinely do like her.

I don’t recommend you tolerate this behavior from any woman you’re interested in because if you do, you’ve subconsciously communicated to her that she can always let you down at the die minute and this kind of puts you on the back seat in the relationship. This is a crucial tip on how to play a player girl.

#4. She turns up late.

How to play a player girl

The vast difference between playing a mind game  and being genuinely late is the apology and how  soon it is when it arrives.

If she lets you know  she is running late and apologizes, brilliant! It shows that she’s  conscious of your time and she is genuinely sorry.

However if you have to get in touch after  10 minutes of lateness and then she replies  i’m really sorry i’m going to be late, it’s  bad character on her behalf but it shows she’s  playing a game and she doesn’t really care  about your feelings.

This is a big NO! for an alpha guy to tolerate and it’s a very big red flag.

 #5. The helpless girl game.

A woman will play on how helpless she is and  needs you to fulfill a request because she is  not apparently capable of doing it herself.

She  wants you to feel very powerful in many ways and  also protecting her and looking after her.

Now this  game is one performed by the high quality ladies,  you may notice she asks you for advice or to do  something for them that eventually you see them  doing for themselves which is when you realize she  has been playing a mind game to make you feel good  about helping her.

#6. I’m not angry.

If you’ve dated  someone before you will know this game too well,  i’m guilty of this one.

She’s visibly annoyed at  you, she seems obsessed with her phone and when  you ask if she’s okay she tells you fine, i’m okay,  i’m not angry, i’m fine.

However she’s getting more  and more annoyed at you for not realizing what you  did wrong.

Now to her, it’s obvious and she feels  more annoyed that she has to tell you what you did  wrong.

She is ignoring you for you to realize the  mistake on your own accord, getting you to commit  to her,

The overall idea here is making you commit  to her, otherwise your requests and ideals will  fall on deaf ears.

For example if you ask her jokingly why don’t you ever look after me when  I’m sick like this girl on tv’s doing ?

Her reply  could be, “well because you aren’t my boyfriend or  my husband duh! you don’t get that privilege until  you commit”.

This means she is highlighting that she  wants more from you and is playing with the idea  of basically saying “boy buckle up and commit to me  otherwise I’m a goner”.

#7. She gives you the decision.

Babe my ex is coming back to town for a couple  of days and she’s asked if you want to hang out, should i go ? or maybe I know it’s our anniversary  this weekend but the lads have asked if i can  go to this really cool sporting event, what should  i do ? should i go ?

If her reply is do whatever you  want, play your next move with caution.

She doesn’t  want to directly tell you no! in case she comes  across as a naggy girlfriend or a wife but she  wants you to decide for yourself and understand  it’s a bad idea and if you do go out and do that  thing anyway she will use it against you in the  future.

Besides, you shouldn’t be asking these question in the first place, as an alpha male.

You make the decisions, with or without her permission sadly.

She doesn’t give you the green light  because she’s testing to see where your head and  your heart is at and if you really do respect and  value her.

#8. She cancels  the date.

Women like to cancel a date to dishearten  you, to bid on your affection more, especially  if she cancels on the day of the date.

If she  tells you in advance and is profusely apologetic  and she wants to make up for the cancellation  and asked to reschedule, these are all genuine  responses to something unstoppable that came up, we get it, life happens.

But if she doesn’t give you  any of that, she’s playing a mind game.

She wants  to see you hurt about the cancellation to claim  that power and make you chase her more.

#9. The silent  treatment.

She ignores you or gives you very short  answers or even short text messages or messages  with no kisses.

She wants you to comfort her but  to really put in the effort first. She’s testing  you by shutting down and switching off and waiting  to see if you can figure out what has happened and  make up for it.

This is usually a case where she is  feeling emotionally hurt and closed off from you  because you disregarded her feelings in some way.

So she will patiently wait for you to notice and  see if you notice what you did wrong and hope  that you apologize and explain yourself.

#10. The hot  and the cold treatment.

One minute she’s really  flirty and you feel that things are going so well  and then she acts cold in distance and you’re  just like what is going on, i’m so confused.

She will stop the initiating, the calling  and she will give you a lot less value.

She does this to make you fall for her harder  to keep committing to her and to realize that  she’s being distant, that you need to up your game  and love her more.

#11. She is flirting with other guys.

If you see that she is flirting with your  friends or strangers directly in front of you,  take caution.

She wants you to know that she’s  a catch and that if you don’t step up your game  she could potentially date someone else.

Obviously  this is a very bad thing to do and very toxic but  her reasoning could be to hurt you just a little  bit so that you come running back to her, proclaim  your feelings and you try even harder to make her  feel loved.

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Now you may notice that she could be  flirting with other people on social media, she  directly points her phone because she wants you  to see that comment that the other guy left on her  selfie for prove that she is a catch because she  wants you to react.

#12. Holding back on sex.

Some women  will make you jump through many many hoops before  the sex game actually happens.

She wants you to  actually give it up first before she rewards you  with sex.

The concept here is to not give it all up  too soon for unworthy behavior because women are  conscious that guys expect sex to happen after a  certain amount of time and they won’t want to just  give it up so they delay to see how you respond.

If you have mentioned that you guys haven’t had  sex, she may leave you on red because you’ve just  revealed yourself as a desperate or new player.

However if you don’t make any attempt to pursue  her and just let her make the moves to initiate,  it shows you respect her and you have won her  consent.

#13. The jealousy game.

If a girl isn’t sure how  you feel or just wants to test you to see how you  respond in the face of jealousy, well she’s going  to play this game.

She will casually do this but  be fully aware of your feelings at the same time.

She will name drop the name of another guy into  a sentence and then make you question who he is  and what he means to her.

She may bring up a new  guy that she’s working with at work quite often  so much that it bugs you and you ask babe  does he fancy you and is he handsome ? tell me.

The moment you utter those words, you’ve just proved to her how big of a simp and unmanly you are.

#14. The look away when your eyes meet.

During the  seduction building phase, the very start of  a relationship, a woman has already started these  mind games.

She will begin by attracting  your attention and then purposely looking away to  keep you guessing.

Now the idea behind this is she  doesn’t actually want you to know that she’s  looking at you, she kind of wants it to look  very much like the movies, she wants it to appear as though you noticed her  first, because she wants to keep the power.

#15. Show me your commitment.

A woman that is testing a guy’s  commitment level is doing so to make sure that he  is a catch and well if you fail this game she will  either act very cold and distant or she may start  another game or she may just leave you.

She will  expect you to pay for the dates, to buy her gifts  and to run to her side to support her emotionally,

If you don’t do that, things are a no-go. Now, no matter how she tests to see if you do these, never succumb.

The very moment you succumb to her do all of the Disney world things, you’ve just proved to her that you’re not a catch and she will move on the next bigger and better deal.

#16. Are you  really that good game.

Women think long term. They  can’t help it when it comes to relationships,  their brains are programmed from that cave lady era  and they can’t help but always try to select the  best guy to procreate with.

It’s just in their DNA, so  keep this in mind helps you understand this actual  mind game.

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She is going to try to squeeze out  more information out of you to find out how great  you are at something and she will play this very  subtly as well.

For example, she may suggest that  you cook something for the very first date at your  apartment, it sounds natural and fun, however she’s  actually testing you to see how self-sufficient  you are at cooking to make sure that you are most  definitely a good catch.

Conclusion: How to play a player girl

How to play a player girl

In this post, I have given you 16 tips on how to play a girl who is playing you, otherwise, how to play a player girl. The 16 tips outlined above will open your eyes on the games women play men and why they do so.

So that you can be in a better position to repel these games and come out clean which will even make your want you more and see you as a rear big catch.

Remember, sharing is caring.


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