How to know if a girl is comfortable with you

How to know if a girl is comfortable with you is a question a guy asks when he wants to guage the level of interest a girl has toward him and how invested she is in working out a relationship with him.

Truth is, if a girl is not comfortable with you and you make moves on her you will come off as a creep  or appear too needy. 

It is very important you are aware of how to know if a girl is comfortable with you because with this does is give you the confidence to leverage on the signs that I point out in the blog post and make your move on her.

If you see a series of this signs and body language I have pointed out below then just know that the girl is comfortable around you and it will be completely absurd for you not to make a move on her.

Girls won’t make the move on you, she won’t come out and tell you hey! Johnny, I am comfortable with you, lets dig it. No!, that’s your responsibility as the man, you should study her moves and strike.

Worst case scenario she will say she is not ready for it but at least you made a move based off a combination of signals she gave you.

It’s better she turns you down than she leaves for acting like a man than leaving because you’re too insecure and unsure whether she is comfortable with you or not.

I have outlined 15 subtle signs to check out for to know if a girl is comfortable with you.

These signals are what I have explained below, ready ?

Lets jump on this…

How to know if a girl is comfortable with you: 15 Subtle signs to look out for

How to know if a girl is comfortable with you

1.      She’s always texting you

One of the ways to tell if a girl is comfortable with you is that somehow you guys end up texting about the most random thing and you on the other hand would just go along with it because you low-key kind of like her.

She’ll ask you random questions, ask for help, text you funny memes or gossip about what happened today at school.

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Be on the lookout for the winky-face emoji, kissy face emoji, hot eyes emoji, the grabbing boobies, I mean the reaching out for a hug emoji and the famous eggplant emoji.

This is her way of flirting with you and giving your attention while letting you know that she is comfortable with you.

2.      She looks at you a lot

When I say a lot, I mean like every time when you’re within her vicinity she’ll turn and check you out.

If you’re in the other side of the classroom no worries she’ll somehow find her eyes gazing at you and if you ever catch her looking at you she’ll look away for a bit but then turns right back to you just to find you still looking at her and the cycle repeats itself.

If you catch her doing that she’s most likely flirting with you with her eyes and it’s a good sign she is comfortable with you.

3.      She teases you a lot

If you turn red as a cherry when you see her she’ll definitely tease you about it.

She’s probably quite sassy and sarcastic too. If you both have a good sense of humor then you’ll both click on this level.

Teasing is great for creating an emotional connection and that’s probably why she’s teasing you plus it keeps the sparks going and the relationship alive.

4.      She touches you a lot

Anything below the waist if you know what I mean, I’m talking about a foot massage .

She plays with your hands, put her arms around your back, gives you back rubs or massages, does she tickle you or give you hugs every time she sees you, if that’s the case you already know what she’s trying to do, seduce you!

5.      She says she’s cold

Hint hint she’s cold, she may or may not be cold but she wants your jacket. She’s suddenly doing this because she wants to be closer to you, if she’s doing this she’s definitely flirting with you.

6.      She’s the one initiating things with you

Some girls will like if the guy approaches them first but hey it’s the 21st century now she has control of her destiny.

If she initiates hangouts with you and starts conversations it’s a pretty good sign that she’s comfortable with you.

For some girls this is their way of flirting.

7.      She gives you a nickname

Okay this actually has to be a nickname given by her if everyone calls you a nerd and she starts calling you a nerd then it doesn’t mean anything.

It’s not personal but if she does give you a personalized nickname then you know she’s trying to flirt with you. The thing is that these are like inside jokes or moments that you guys have together and that’s why it’s personal

8.      She gets really close to you.

 If she invades your personal space you can definitely say that she’s flirting with you.

This normally leads to physical contact and it’s up to you on how you want to proceed.

Side note, this normally happens if you guys are watching a movie at home and if she likes you, her body will naturally gravitate towards you.

Her shoulder is accidentally bumping into your shoulder, two minutes later her back is backed up on your chest and you start to lean back a little and now you’re both laying on the couch and her hands somehow gets tangled up with your hands and your arms are wrapped around her and she slowly assumes the fetal position turning herself into the little spoon you somehow analyze the big spoon and now you’re stuck because the movie just started 15 minutes ago and there’s another hour and thirty minutes or so to go and your hand is numb.

9.      She talks a lot

Sometimes girls can talk a lot if she’s interested in you. This is her way of flirting with you by talking non-stop.

If you guys are talking for hours that’s a sign. Whether it’s talking over the phone or in person.

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She starts throwing some jokes to lighten up the mood and ask you questions to get to know you better and for some reason you find yourself still talking to her for more than five hours in the middle of the night you know what, she wants you.

10. She makes radar jokes

Another sign you should pick up on when it comes to how to know if a girl is comfortable with you is that she makes radar jokes.

Yeah you know it’s real if she’s making those dirty jokes. I don’t think I need to say more on this part it’s obvious that she’s flirting with you because a normal girl would not do this.


11. she makes you laugh

If she’s trying to make you laugh that’s a good sign that she’s comfortable withyou because she’s actually trying to flirt with you.

If she says something and you’re able to laugh then she’s probably trying to test the water out to see if you like her, now this is her style of flirting.

12. Her tone of voice changes with you

 Usually if someone is flirting with you, you’ll be able to tell by their voice. It’s usually a higher pitch and sounds sweeter compared to when she’s talking to her friends or a stranger.

When you get a chance just observe her. If she does a voice change on you she’s probably doing it subconsciously.

If her tone of voice does change she’s definitely trying to flirt with you. It’s also often said that she’ll talk slightly faster if she’s flirting with you because it gets her heart pumping.

13. She fixes herself

If she sees you walking towards her she tries to brush her hair back and straighten out her clothes.

If needed she’ll go to the restroom and clean herself up so she looks good around you and if she likes you she’ll start dressing up.

If she’s doing this around you, you can say that she’s really comfortable with you and sees you as a catch.

14. She twirls her hair

If she’s playing with her hair and talking to you it’s normally a good sign that she’s comfortable with you and she’s flirting.

She could be subconsciously doing it without knowing. This could also go with fidgeting.

Her heart could be beating fast and she actually likes the adrenaline.

15. She laughs a lot

Do you know this one girl who always laughs when you say something but then you realize it’s not that funny but she still laughs ?

If so there’s a chance that she might like you, it’s her way of flirting with you but she can’t keep it up for long.

If you like her then take some initiative to flirt back also. Don’t forget her smile, smiling in general is really vague to tell if she actually is going to flirt with you but a good rule of thumb is that if you catch her smiling from afar and she’s holding that smile for longer than a few seconds then you know she’s interested in you because normal people don’t hold longer than a few seconds and looking directly at you well unless they’re crazy.

Conclusion: How to know if a girl is comfortable with you

How to know if a girl is comfortable with you

I hope you now have a better idea of how to know if a girl is comfortable with you.

What’s most important to know are the sign that she gives you, her body language action and the overall vibe you see from her.

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Some girls are natural flirts and it’s hard to tell if she’s actually interested in you but if you do come across one like that just practice flirting back with her.

You’ll get an experience from it there’s no harm in that, worst case scenario is that you make a new friend and then develop feelings and get married and have like five kids LOL!

Meanwhile, I wrote another post where I explained How to let go of someone you love who doesn’t love you  Check out this post so that you know what to do when you love her more than she loves you.

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