How to get out of the friend zone after rejection

If you are petrified of how to get out of the friend zone after rejection, well good because you really should be. Now let me tell you by the end of this post you are going to know the definitive things that you can do that is going to guarantee you first class ticket out of the friend-zone town, this is and keep reading.

How to get out of the friend zone after rejection: 9 Action Hacks

How to get out of the friend zone after rejection

1.      Stop hiding your opinion

Guys that choose to never tell a girl how he actually feels or to give his opinion literally is going to be walked all over.

Now look! I know what you’re trying to do here, you always want this lady to be happy, you don’t want to create any friction or any chance where she might feel that both of you are not quite compatible.

So you would agree to everything that she says even if it touches a nerve but let me tell you why this is going to put you straight into the friend zone, that’s because women want to date confident guys who generally are not afraid to just be themselves and women love it when guys give them a chance to be tested, so don’t get this confused with mansplaining, girls hate that.

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But if you can put a woman in a situation where you can disagree with what she says or disagree with her opinion obviously in a comfortable way it’s allowed because it creates this nice back and forth in communication and women love it when they have deep conversation.

So let me tell you a secret i once dated a guy who did this, he never disagreed with anything that I said and with like everything and I just got very bored and I just knew that he would say yes and agree to everything that I wanted to do and because there was no contrast in our opinions or the things we spoke about or the things that we did I was potentially just dating myself and it was boring because if I did want to date myself I would have just stayed single.

2.      Stop spending time with her doing things you are not interested in

This ties in pretty well to the previous tip on how to get out of the friend zone after rejection, friend zoned guys always say yes to doing things that they don’t want to do.

You will find these guys surrounded by a group of her girlfriends, he is literally tagging along for dear life trying to not upset her.

He is the guy that secretly hates all of the movies that they watch together and he ends up feeling bored pretty much all of the time, because he just wants to keep her happy and do things that she’s interested in.

But let me tell you, if you end up letting a girl only choose what she wants to do and you agree with it and you are not delivering any mystery in the relationship, well buddy you aren’t building any attraction.

You are literally just offering yourself up on a plate as a friend and friend only.

3.      Stop showing your desperation and your neediness

How to get out of the friend zone after rejection

If you show her that you are desperate to be in a relationship and that you are very needy in wanting her to contact you all of the time to give her constant reassurance about the friendship or the relationship, well this is going to put you straight into the friend zone.

Any type of behavior where a woman thinks you are not confident, that you are emotionally immature well, you are not expected to fulfill your own emotional needs and it’s the biggest turn off ever.

Women do not want to be bothering with you if it feels like we’re just dating a child, so if you make us feel that you cannot quite handle life on your own well we don’t want anything to do with you.

Don’t expect us to fill in those blanks that you clearly never learned; now it’s very common for guys to constantly text a girl throughout the day, at the beginning of a relationship this is actually really cute, it’s nice but it gets creepy and boring very quickly.

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If a woman knows that you don’t have anything else to do in the day apart from text her or you choose to text her for reassurance instead of doing your day job, well you’re going to put yourself straight into the friend category.

Girls want to date guys that live to the fullest, they take risks and work hard.

4.      Don’t over share your emotions and your stresses

Look! it’s okay to tell a girl that you’re having a super stressful day at work, however there’s actually a limit of what she’s willing to accept and if you go over that threshold of your own emotional needs she will just feel that you are too needy and she will avoid you like the plague.

Some guys feel so secure with a woman that they want to talk about their emotions and they want to talk about daily stresses, now this is okay to do so within reason but the reason this isn’t really okay is that if a guy talks about his emotions, he’s not in tune to his masculine hormones he adopts feminine hormones which is going to obviously turn the girl off.

So if you talk to her the way that she talks to her girlfriends ultimately you will become just a friend.

Women don’t want to hear you nagging consistently about things; it shows you’re very boring and vastly undateable.

5.      Stop over complimenting her appearance

If you over-compliment a lady on her appearance she will quickly run away, you have just ruined any attraction that you were hoping to build.

It’s always creepy to a lady and it’s not really a valid compliment, we may say thank you wow that’s really nice but deep down we are not impressed or blown away by a compliment about our appearance and that’s what guys do all the time.

They feel it’s okay to talk about how we look and it can come across slightly offensive, it’s just weird and if a guy only values a woman for how she looks then it’s very obvious that he doesn’t actually care about her personality or the value that she provides of being an amazing human being.

So if you find yourself only offering her compliments about the way she looks and not the things that she does or the things she has invested her time into, well be prepared to join the other comrades in the friendzone.

6.      Stop giving her boyfriend privileges without the boyfriend title

This is the biggest friend zone tactic that exists in the whole universe. If you think that she can just use you as a boyfriend when she wants without the actual title then you need to seriously reconsider your position in that relationship.

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If she’s just using you for an emotional comfort but without the actual grace of being her actual girlfriend then you need to leave.

If she says anything such as we are just friends or I’m not ready then you’re just going to stay in the friend zone buddy.

That was the sixth tip on how to get out of the friend zone after rejection.

7.      Stop being around her constantly

How to get out of the friend zone after rejection

Guys that go into the friend zone are those that chase the lady like a little lost puppy following her around everywhere she goes and ladies will love this but they would only love it because they see you as a friend, so please do yourself a favor and create physical distance and allow times for her to actually miss you, don’t call, don’t text and don’t see her, this is a sure step to take when it comes to how to get out of the friend zone after rejection.

8.      Do not always initiate contact

If you are the guy that calls her first, you always come up with ideas of places to go hang out together then don’t really expect this to form into a relationship because instead you are creating a massive friend zone because if a girl knows that you will always be there in the palm of her hand well you lessen your attraction and well she’s got everything, she’s got the benefits of you without actually having to date you.

And plus why would she have to call you if you always call her first, you’ve got to build that mystery – let her wonder what you’re getting up to.

Build that attraction, let her think hmm! “I’ve not heard from him in a couple of days, I wonder what he’s doing.

9.      Be willing to walk away

For some reason guys know when they are in the friend zone but they feel it’s okay to continue staying in that dormant state waiting for an opportune moment to arise when miraculously they become a couple but let me tell you this will not ever work and if you are not prepared to walk away when she doesn’t give you what you want then you definitely have some form of attachment issues but most importantly you’ve just ended the friend zone.

Usually this is teamed up with giving relationship privileges without the title, showing up to her house when she’s upset, mowing the lawn for her, paying her VAT bill, you are allowing her to do all of this without you actually getting your share of the relationship back and if you do this and you don’t complain well she’s going to keep taking from you plus she’s not really missing out on anything, is she ?

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Why would she need to date you and advance that relationship if you do everything for her already, you need to realize that you need to walk away when she is not willing to meet your needs.

So basically if she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend then you get rid and find someone else.

How to get out of the friend zone after rejection: Conclusion

How to get out of the friend zone after rejection

In conclusion, I have give you 9 action steps you can start practicing if you figure out that you’ve been in the friendzone after a girl has straight out rejected you.

The 9 tips on how to get out of the friend zone after rejection I discussed above should not only be used after you’ve been placed in a friendzone, if you want to ensure you keep attraction you need to follow this tips.

The truth is, whenever you find yourself in the friendzone, she didn’t put you there, you put yourself their through your behavior and actions and if you don’t want to fall into this trap again and again and keep recycling the cycle then you have to start practicing the nine tips discussed above.

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