How to get an older woman to sleep with you

How to get an older woman to sleep with you is a question you are asking because you’ve been noticing an older woman coming around and you think she sees you more than a friend.

Clearly you are here today because you want to figure out how to get an older woman to sleep with you.

You are trying to impress a certain someone that isn’t your age, you want to impress someone that is a little bit older and you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that, providing obviously we are within the legal boundaries.

But there are some awesome things that you need to definitely know when it comes to the art of charming an older lady.

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So if you want to learn what makes dating an older lady so much better and also how to do it, well you’re going to have a good chance at flirting if you actually read to the end of this post.

This is and keep reading.

How to get an older woman to sleep with you: 8 Tips you need to date older Ladies

How to get an older woman to sleep with you

1.      Be youthful

Firstly understand that the reason she is interested in someone younger is for the youthfulness. So this goes without saying providing that you make sure that you are always being fun and showing her these typical youthful and playful traits when you are around her well this is definitely going to keep her interested in you and is going to make her want to continue and progress the relationship.

But this isn’t to say that you just decide to go out drinking and clubbing and do all of that type of stuff because that’s really not the type of youthfulness that she’s after.

Remember she wants a relationship; she wants someone that is youthful. They have that bright vibrant energy and this is going to keep her feeling fun and basically overall positive about life.

So find some fun ways that you can impress her with this youthful trait. Try to always be perky and positive and have this high energy communication when you talk to her and this really is going to power out rays of youthfulness.

So talk about some fun things together, don’t have the typical where are you going on holiday this year? that’s very boring or talking about the stock market or just talking about things that are definitely going to happen every single year and if you are struggling of the things that you can say to a potential crush then I recommend you check out Stan Lougani’s eBook titled “How to talk to the woman of your dreams”. This eBook will help you discover some thought-provoking questions that you can ask your crush. Inside that eBook you will find some flirty and quirky questions that you can ask which is always going to build that fun attitude that she is attracted to.

2.      Do Not Act Immature

Don’t be too youthful! okay what are some reasons that guys like to date an older lady ? well one of the biggest ones is we know that an older lady definitely knows what she wants.

What she’s interested in and what she doesn’t like and she is not willing to put up with anything less. So in layman’s terms you would much rather date someone that is older because you’ve got less figuring out to do.

She’s going to be straight to the point. So it’s easy to understand a woman who is obviously a lot older because she’s going to be very upfront if she wants a relationship or if she just wants to have a one night type of no strings attached thing.

So make sure you are willing to give her what it is that she is asking for but sadly one of the disadvantages on your behalf is she probably thinks that you’ve not quite figured out your own life yet because you aren’t older yourself.

So she’s always going to be a little bit hesitant, thinking am I doing the right thing by dating this young guy.

So instead make sure that you are being youthful but you are not being too youthful borderline immature.

Show her that you are super confident and that you do have life commitments and you really know what it is that you want to do with your life or you have a good idea so feel free to brag about those things in your life which you know are going to stick around for a long time for example your dog, your cheese plant, the investment you just put into Tesla and obviously your mortgage.

3.      Maintain some strong eye contact

How to get an older woman to sleep with you

Remember that the older woman will possibly doubt your confidence because they think that guys have to age to gain confidence and obviously the older they are the better they are at dating but you can throw a complete span in the works by displaying strong confidence with your eye contact.

Some of the best flirting techniques is to deliver a spicy yet saucy compliment with some strong eye contact.

4.      Make her laugh

Now this applies to any girl that you’re trying to flirt with but much more so with the older woman. An older woman is going to be looking for someone that can just make her feel positive and to help her forget about her stresses of life and potentially her own age depending on how much older she is to you.

Therefore the more that you can make her laugh the better. And one of the best ways of doing this is by teasing her, make sure you listen to her actively.

A lot of older couples that are well established will report that the reason for their divorce or breakup was because the husband didn’t listen to the woman and the woman eventually just broke down and she requested a divorce and the husband’s response was well she just talked too much and she said well he just never listens to me.

So with this in mind being a very common issue for breakup rates you can be one step ahead and by doing this you need to listen to her and actively let her know that you are interested in what she’s saying, nod your head a little bit ask her to explain a little bit more and that way she feels that she can trust you because she knows you are really listening to her and this form of trust is going to remove any awkwardness that’s going to form at the start of a relationship and it gives you one step retraction process ahead that will build chemistry and it builds some cracking rapport.

5.      Be confident with your attraction

You have to be quick about your needs. Like I said previously, older ladies know what they want and they are less willing to beat around the bush and waste their own time.

So you need to make it very obvious if you would like her to stick around and if you want to pursue her you have to say because she will just decide for you if you take too long.

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So if she does not get a sense that you are actually interested in her then she is just going to get up and leave you.

She will be that type of person that will ghost you because she doesn’t have any time, so you need to be willing to be confident with your flirting techniques and you have to really raise your bar in the speed of flirting.

6.      Remove any form of neediness

An older woman does not want to feel that she’s mothering you. Any chance that she feels she’s becoming that mum or older sister role instead of a potential lady date friend – well this is going to make her run quite literally a mile in the opposite direction.

So early on in the conversations you need  to make it known that you are very self-sufficient and you are extremely independent.

You have to be a gentleman. Unfortunately older ladies they just presume that well if we date someone that’s a little bit younger than us they’re going to be typically arrogant and they are not going to mature up for a couple of years but instead you can prove her wrong to get her eyeballs attached to you.

So do the typical gentleman things; open the door, pull out the seat for her in a restaurant, give her your jacket when she’s cold and walk on the outer sidewalk so that she cannot get splashed by cars as they are driving down the road.

7.      Compliment her on something she has done over the years

How to get an older woman to sleep with you

One of the tips on how to get an older woman to sleep with you  is to compliment her on something she has done over the years such as learning a second language or taking a second degree, it could be the second career path she’s chosen or something very small.

For example just how amazing she looks because you know she has invested a lot of time matching her shoes to her handbag to her outfit -her actual dress sense.

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So compliment her on this and this is going to win her over and increase the attraction level that she most definitely has for you.

8.      Dress like a gentleman

She does not want you to turn up in a teenage outfit and she really does not care for your sweatpants, your brandy trainers or the next popular t-shirt that everyone else seems to be wearing on Instagram.

She would much rather want you to dress like you respect yourself, so wear clothes that fit you well. They don’t have to be tailored by the way, they just hang nicely.

Now if you asked for some ideas of how to dress like a gentleman then Pinterest is your friend.

Meanwhile, I wrote another post tell you What to do when she tries to make you jealous.

In that post, I give you three hacks you can use to win her on her game when she tries to make you jealous. You don’t have to show feelings or act needy and immature, just follow the three steps I outlined.


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