How to flirt with a girl without being obvious

How to flirt with a girl without being obvious is how you can get someone to start thinking about you, making them thinks – am I attracted to this person?  Did they flirt with me? Does this mean we could be a thing if it continues?

Now it’s so subtle that you wouldn’t even realize it was a technique (if you could call it a technique).

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Subtle flirting is perfect for those that hate rejection, that don’t want to come on too strong, possibly hate anything extroverted that lots of people say on YouTube about dating tips.

How to flirt with a girl without being obvious

They prefer the introverted gentle way of approaching someone and if this sounds like you well this post is definitely for you my friend.

So sit back and relax and read to the end, this is

How to flirt with a girl without being obvious: Introduction

How to flirt with a girl without being obvious is so much more important than being very bog stunned and out there with your flirting because it’s very gentle it basically makes the mind of your crush run havoc because they are over thinking.

They might be saying to themselves – did that person say that thing because they fancy me or am I over thinking this were ?

Were they really flirting with me when they asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with them today after the staff room?

It literally leaves their mind wandering because they aren’t quite sure if you like them, there’s a little bit of mystery and it’s perfect for building curiosity and if you are familiar with this blog hey welcome back and if you’re not you will learn quite easily that building curiosity is the biggest way to get someone attracted to you.

It did also kill the cat but on a relationship sense it’s pretty awesome, so let’s dive straight in.

How to flirt with a girl without being obvious: 7 Expert tips on how to flirt subtly for those who fear rejection

How to flirt with a girl without being obvious

1.     Glance at them often

Now we know when we have an awkward glance with someone in public that it’s so awkward that we think – “Oh my gosh! I will make sure I am not even looking anywhere near that person’s face”.

Why? Because we don’t want them to think that we fancy them if we stare too much but you can use this to your advantage.

You definitely know it’s a hidden form of communication, if two people glance at each other quite often you would start to think – I think that person likes me.

A great example would be if you keep glancing eyes with someone on the tube when you’re coming home from work, you kind of think “you know what, I think that person does like me, they stare at me a lot.”

So this is the first art form of subtle flirting, glance at them often but do it until they watch you so they know that you are looking at them and then you turn away and you do it another two to three times.

Ensue you have to incorporate a nice gentle smile which leads me into the next tip on how to flirt with a girl without being obvious.

2.      Smile at them often

If you can combine a friendly approachable smile with those regular glances, that person will start to think that you do like them plus it’s not overwhelming with your compliments and your flirting technique where they can think are they just being nice or are they actually flirting with me and obviously the more you can get someone to think about you, the better it will be with your chances of building attraction.

So this one’s pretty easy make sure you do smile, try and smile with your whole face, show off the teeth.

Let them know it’s not just the conventional good morning smile, it’s a very much like a oh hello, how are you? And when you do greet this person with your eyes, smile and then you look away and go back to what you were doing and this builds enough hyper attention for that lady to actually ponder if you do like her or not.

3.      Be suggestive

I’m not saying you should come out with the full-on full-blown innuendos.

I’m just saying have a bit of a flirty nature when you are talking.

Because you can have a professional conversation, a friendly conversation and then when you start dropping in some subtle and I mean very subtle innuendos.

That’s when the other lady thinks “I think this person might fancy me or they are just having a bit of banter which one is it “and it’s perfect to do so.

So some amazing examples would be to just include the words “that’s what she said”.

Obviously it’s funny, it’s a joke everyone knows, it’s a laugh, however it takes your friendship or professional banter up a notch towards that flirtatious type of realm.

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Another way would just be to say something as simple as “oh yeah I bet you do” and obviously you can use your imagination to when you could use this exact sentence and it’s so subtle and it’s gentle and it’s perfect for building that sexual tension when it comes to flirting.

4.      Third party compliments them

If you are new here you obviously will start to realize quite quickly that I hate the direct compliments.

It comes across awkward and cheesy and no girl ever wants to hear you directly say I think you’re dead gorgeous.

Doesn’t work! So a third party compliment is as easy as this; you walk over to the girl that you are interested in, you get talking for a while so there’s a bit of communication, get rid of the awkwardness and then you release the compliment by using the leverage of someone else.

It could even be a made-up person, an example would be hey now we’ve been chatting for a while I have to say this guy that sits possibly two seats behind you actually says how funny you are and you know what, now we’ve been hanging out for a little bit I can really see you are absolutely hilarious.

Now this is using the leverage of said person to throw out your compliment.

Now if the girl can’t take this compliment very well maybe she gets a bit awkward, finds it creepy, you can just reject it quite quickly because it’s not you that gave the compliment it’s that other person you mentioned.

So it’s a free ticket compliment to get her thinking that you are a potential candidate to date.

5.      Get them to answer your personal opinion

How to flirt with a girl without being obvious

This is an example of where you can up the notch of friendship and get them to talk to you and give you advice as if you guys were already dating and it’s subtle and it’s really suggestive.

A great example would be you walk over to the lady and you can say I really hope you don’t mind me saying this but you always look fantastic and I’m so jealous because I just look like a sack of potatoes.

I don’t really know what I’m doing with this whole show bang, is there any way that you could just ( and yes this is embarrassing for me) give me a couple of tips of how to dress smart, like what do I do ? How do I begin?

Now this is a compliment because one you have said you look amazing and you’ve retracted the awkwardness by then adding something extra by saying look! you are amazing because of this teach me your ways and the fact that you can ask her a personal thing of can you dress me type thing, she is opening up her mind to think okay this is what I would do for my boyfriend, let me kind of put myself into girlfriend’s shoes and give him my opinion.

You could go one step further and say can I ask you a personal question and she says oh yes and in her head she’s thinking this is really awkward and then you come to react that by saying yeah this is kind of weird but could you tell me if I should grow my hair longer or cut it short what do you think? and you get her to answer that question and it’s very personal but she will love having that chance to help you out and plus get her thinking of you.

Another very simple option could be you walk up to the bar that you like and you say you know what I really don’t know what to have today, there’s so much choice I know what’s your favorite thing maybe I’ll try that and then she will feel flattered and that gets that conversation rolling.

6.      The subtle touch

The sixth tip on How to flirt with a girl without being obvious is that you need to be in a situation where you can gently touch her for her to think, was he just touching me because he happened to definitely be in the way when he was walking past or did he touch me because he was flirting?

Now touching someone breaks that personal boundary, you should only do this in a subtle way first before you really start making a move.

Some great examples would be when you’re trying to get her attention you just tap her on the shoulder or if you want to say good morning to her as you walk past.

You literally say hey good morning tap from the shoulder and carry on walking and then you judge how she reacted from that which will let you know whether she is interested or if she thinks you’re a big creep.

For example if she just dives he opposite direction when you touch her you know that this isn’t really going to go anywhere.

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Some other examples could be as you’re walking past her, let’s say may be you apart together, you can just touch her and say oh sorry let me just get past and that way you are touching her and we know that we don’t touch strangers, it’s pretty awkward it’s very weird but by giving her that very subtle touch only lightly (I’m saying) no squeezes, no rubbing just a very like boop, very gentle, it gets her thinking oh! I felt a little bit of electricity is he flirting hmm!

7.      Get them to take you out

This is the most subtle way that you can get a date with someone.

Are you ready? It’s purely magical, genius, every amazing word I can think of which sounds magical right now.

You walk up to a girl that you like, you can have a sad face and you can say oh I’m really sad or I’m really annoyed and she was like why ? what’s happened and then you reply with well me and my friend we were supposed to go and watch this movie and I’ve been wanting to go and see it for absolutely ages but he let me down he’s got this thing to do and you know it’s pretty awkward going o the cinema on your own isn’t it ? so I just I have to wait until it comes out on DVD and that’s when she would turn around and she will say I will go with you because she kind of feels sorry for you but she obviously wants to spend that time with you and that way you’ve turned the tables.

You’ve got her to ask you out, (gentle bit of flirting), hey! because remember flirting isn’t just about offering your flirt and then disappearing it’s about flirting, building the attraction for the end goal of having the date towards a relationship or if you guys are gamers you could probably say something along the lines of oh I just bought a new Nintendo switch because you know everyone’s been raving about it during lockdown, I finally caved in and got it but my friend who was going to get one on the same day decided not to because ‘s putting the money into his mortgage so now it’s just me playing on my own but if you know that she is already playing on the Nintendo switch he might turn around and say oh my gosh do you have a Nintendo switch ? Let’s game together.

How to flirt with a girl without being obvious: Conclusion

How to flirt with a girl without being obvious

Dun dun dun!, the subtle art of flirting is a way for you to say to someone that you like them but very gently to see how they actually respond.

Now it works perfect because if you’ve ever read any of our previous posts you’ll understand that girls only have attraction with someone when they feel confident and when there is no awkwardness obviously and there’s sexual attraction being built.

So if you get the chance to get her to think about flirting with you and to ask you out on the date she’s going to turn around and think what has gone on ?

Like this guy has just appeared from nowhere, didn’t actually know if he liked me or not but I can’t stop thinking about him and now we’re playing Nintendo switch games together.

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