How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook is a question in the mind of majority of guys dating chicks in this day and age of technology and social media.

Nowadays a lot of guys are being cheated on by women. See!  if a woman looks through your phone and actually look at your phone and you say no she’s going to think that you have something to hide but if you actually look at her phone she’s going to say you’re trying to be controlling (which is not a bad thing, though most guys don’t know), so a man is always stuck between should I say something or should I not say something.

Well today I’m going to teach you how to identify the signs that she is using social media to cheat on you.

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Cheating can take on all forms: sexual infidelity, financial cheating and emotional Affairs but nothing makes things easier than technology.

Cheaters have gone high-tech. When their behavior shifts you have to pay attention.

1.      They always logout of Facebook

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook

We all spend a lot of time online. Technology is now a part of our culture and daily lives. Because of that, it’s rare that we consciously logout of social media sites and services. Maybe you will on a shared computer, but not on a private phone.

If they are randomly logging out of Facebook, perhaps they are careful with privacy or they are hiding something.

2.      They jump on their phone first thing in the morning

They usually do this in private or in the bathroom. Because we are all so connected, it’s [unfortunately] not unusual that people sleep with their phone nearby-perhaps tracking sleep patterns or they fall asleep to meditation or music-and many reach for their phones first thing in the morning.

However, Facebook cheaters might grab their phones first thing and disappear to the bathroom.

Or they are on their phone when you wake up, and they quickly put it away or switch applications.

3.      They are highly possessive of their phone

Lots of activity on their phone and online but they never really have anything to say about what they are reading, writing, doing or texting.

When they are online, they are beyond distracted. When they are off their phone (finally!) it’s either placed face down right next to them or it’s in their hand or possession.

And if you even glance at it they will either get a weird guilt look on their face or immediately ask you, “what ? what’s the problem?”

4.      Lots of new friends, new likes and comments

We all have friends online who we don’t really know very well and many times have never met in person.

As such, it’s unlikely we would know all of our partners Facebook friends – to include co-workers, colleagues, college friends, etc..

However, when lots of comments and likes start coming in from someone new-and usually just one person-it’s a red flag.

If you start reading little quips and inside jokes on their wall and you have no idea what they are talking about, something is amiss.

5.      Instantly defensive and ready to fight

As with most cheaters, people who use Facebook for illicit Affairs are ready to defend themselves and perhaps even blame you for acting weird, disconnected, and whatever they deem as suspicious behavior.

If you question any of their activities or behavior, they will likely shift the blame, manipulate the conversation, deflect your accusations, get angry and defensive or leave.

6.      Always getting text messages

One of the first and obvious signs that on how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook  is when she’s constantly on her phone  getting text messages throughout the day  and night.

Every time you see her she’s getting text messages and the reason why  you have to look at that as cheating  it’s because most women do not have time  to sit up all day and just text back and  forth with her friends.

You may have  single friends that are doing that to  keep to keep each other’s busy but if  your woman is sitting up constantly text  messaging on the phone, it’s something else going on.

A woman will get sick and tired of talking to the same woman. If she’s sitting  around you talking about what her friend  doing at while her friend ain’t got no  man that’s a different ballgame but if  she just text messaging back and forth  and you don’t know what’s going on and  it’s that different in awkward times and  she’s making sure she’s interacting with  the phone she can’t wait to get to the  phone best understand she’s not waiting  on another girl  she’s only doing that whenever she’s  interacting with a man.

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A woman is only going to talk to another woman whenever  it comes to drama. When it comes to her  smiling and have a good time and happy  to be on her phone only another man can  make her feel that way.

7.      You do not know who she is talking to

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook

Next  sign to notice on how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook is when you  don’t know the people that are in her  social media site, when you don’t know  the friends that she’s talking to  chances are she’s talking to another man.

When you do not know who she’s talking to, when you do not know the people that’s in her timeline, the guys that send text messages to her, the old friends that  are coming up out of nowhere.

When you  start seeing friends that are popping up  out of nowhere especially guy friends  that are popping up out of nowhere you  have to be wary of that and that’s  letting you know that she’s getting  close to cheating or she’s about to  cheat.

Whenever she just all of a sudden  starts having guy friends, you have to  understand this – when a woman’s in love and  she really loves the guy she’s going to try  her hardest to show that guy that  there’s no other guy that I want to be  with.

She’s not going to introduce the guy that she loves to a man that’s just her friend, you have to understand that women don’t do that.

Women introduce the man that they’re with  to a guy that’s a friend that she’s  slept with before. When she’s in love she doesn’t want the guy that she in love to think or suspect anything because she’s  afraid of losing him.

So she takes these  precautions when she go around him she  put her phone down  she don’t set up a text message in front  of him because she don’t want him to  think anything because she doesn’t want  to lose him.

When she’s doing all these things text messaging constantly on her phone, will rather talk to somebody else  other than you she’s looking to replace  you, she’s looking to cheat.

 I don’t care  if you’re married, I don’t care if you’re  in a long-term relationship, when her  phone it’s more important in your  conversation it is a wrap. She is looking to get rid of you and she do not want to  be with you anymore.

These are signs that  she’s cheating or she’s getting ready to  cheat.

8.      She never leave her phone  around you alone

 When she  just doesn’t want you to go to her phone  and  never see her phone just sit on the  table by itself unless she’s next to it  cooking brushing her teeth or doing  things.

When she cannot go nowhere in  the house with you without leaving her  phone down  she’s definitely cheating, she’s hiding  the phone and the reason for that is  she’s scared a text message is going to  come up and be seen that you can read  that’s going to cause conflict.

When a woman does leave her phone around and the phone pops up and its this another guy, just know that she  wanted you to see. You see women know how to manipulate a breakup and they will make it seem like it’s your fault.

 That is because she’s  ready for the relationship to end so  what a lot of women do is they’re not  afraid to end the relationship so they  all start nitpicking the phone covering  up, you start questioning them about it  they’ll look at that like oh you’re  being controlling  but they’ll sparkle argument out of  nowhere just so she could start getting  ready to end the relationship.

You have  to understand when you start suspecting  that there’s another guy on the end of  those text messages and when you  questioned her about it she has attitude  she’s trying to find a reason to get out  the relationship trust me and she’s  definitely cheating.

9.      She is up at two  o’clock in the morning on her phone

 Next sign to pickup on how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on facebook is once again with  the phone, social media, is she is up at two  o’clock in the morning on her phone ?

She  just isn’t browsing on Instagram she’s  browsing Instagram searching for  somebody she’s up that late night  searching to see what that person is  doing to see if their whip somebody else.

You have to understand a lot of people that are cheating in relationships start  building relationships with other people  but they also start building jealousy of  other people too.

You have people you have women to have side dudes right got  to get jealous if that side dude  actually has a girlfriend.

That’s how weird women are they would do that they will create jealousy amongst a  guy that she shouldn’t even be with.

She’ll have a husband but be getting jealous that the side dude has a woman.  This is why she’s up in the middle of the night.

She’s seeing who’s on his  timeline, she’s trying to try it back and  see what he’s doing because she thinks  that God is she cheating with his sleeping.

So she’s spying on her side dude why in  the bed with you.

10.  She gets in  deep conversations with people  never let you know what the  conversations

 She gets in  deep conversations with people  never let you know what the  conversations about. That’s where you see  her getting angry over a text message,  getting mad over a text message.

Now all  of a sudden she is in another room talking in codes, women will talk in  codes to her other friend but she’s  showing so much emotional effects from  the conversation from the text messages  but you don’t know what’s going on.

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She  doesn’t tell you the story of what’s  going on and when you asks her about it  she says she doesn’t want to talk about  it because she doesn’t know how to lie  just yet.

Remember a woman has to sit  back and build up a lot so if you call  her out on something what she thinks  she’ll get caught cheating she’ll take  time to block I don’t want to talk about  it but then when she tells you a story  it’ll be a story that she made up and the would be so made up that when she  tell it to you you’ll be like there’s no  reason for you to get mad over that.

Why  would you take this little situation and  blow it up so big ? because it’s not the  situation that was going on on the phone.

She told you what she wanted to hear  she’s really mad at the other guy, you  just don’t know that she’s mad at the  other guy because she took time out to  come up with a story to explain while it  was something else.

11.  She gets very  defensive about things

When  you get to the part of the relationship  where this woman starts getting  defensive about things it’s because  she’s emotionally wrapped up with  somebody else and you are a nuisance at  this point, you don’t exist to her you’re  just there because your relationship has  been programmed to be together.

When she  starts getting defensive about  everything, don’t look at my phone, I  don’t want to talk to you, don’t call me  today when she starts putting off these  little defensive things to have you  thinking that you’re the problem, you’re  the reason why she’s angry, you’re controlling! that’s  what she’s going to say, You’re controlling! 

You don’t trust me, when  they get like that they are looking to  cheat or they’re cheating already. You  have to understand, a woman is not going  to come to you and say I’m not happy in  this relationship I think that we should end it, No!

She’s not going to do that, a woman is going to  build up drama  psychologically without saying anything  and she’s going to put the blame on you.

The  objective is to change all the settings  around her to the point where when you  start questioning stuff you seem like  you’re controlling, you seem insecure, you  seen all these little things now all of  a sudden she just had a simple  conversation with her friend that she’s  telling you but she’s overly mad at you  for it.

No! she’s letting it build up, she  building everything up so you say I  don’t want to be in a relationship,  an argument starts, you guys break up,  she stumbles out of the house go to her  friend’s house and eventually she ends  up with the next guy.

Women do not move  on from guys unless they know they  already got another one in the bag. Simple as that, you need to pay  attention to these things.

A lot of you  guys out there you’ve given your woman  too much freedom and you show her that  you loved her too much so now you are  being cheated on.

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook: Conclusion

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook

 While these signs aren’t a 100% foolproof way of detecting if your partner is Facebook cheating, they are sure signs that something serious is off in your relationship.

If your woman has any of these traits  it’s time for you to get over that  relationship and it’s time for you to  move forward.

Meanwhile, I wrote another post where I detailed out how to test your girlfriend if she is cheating.

If you notice the ten subtle signs outlined in this blog post, you can easily test and navigate when your girl is cheating on you. Go check it out.

I recommend you check out Michael Mary’s eBook titled “Accusations and reproaches”.  In this eBook you will discover an unusual way to use accusations to improve your relationship.

Sounds counterintuitive right ? sure, you see when it comes to the battle of the sexes been logical doesn’t get you anywhere as a man.

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