Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think

Are you facing a situation where your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think ? You know you had chemistry with this girl, things were going well, you both were flirty and all of a sudden she shows you attitude. She’s like “I don’t know, I think I need space and time to think”, so what do you do ?

Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think

Well, keep reading this blog post because after reading this post you will know the right steps to navigate a situation where your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think.

I share with you six effective steps to take to handle this scenario where your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think, it has nothing to do with sending her flowers, stalking her  friends or going out of your way to really prove to her that you love her.

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In the mean time, I will teach you what to do when your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think.

Keep reading this post to find out.

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Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think: Introduction

Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think

As men we have all gotten to that point in our lives where a woman who was really into tells us that she simply needs space.

Whether this is your crush or your girlfriend the truth is those words don’t go down well with men. But, here’s the thing, in most cases a woman will only tell you these when she knows she has the power in the relationship and you have showed her signs of neediness and being too available.

In some case, when a woman is unable to summon the courage to tell you to your face that she needs space and time to think about your relationship or closeness to her she tends to start avoiding you and pass across this subtle signal that she simply need space and time to reconsider your relationship with her.

Now, if you find yourself in this position currently then don’t fret because after reading this post, you’ll uncover six easy tips you can follow to handle a situation where a woman or your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think.

Ready ?

Lets get started.

6 tips to follow when your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think

Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think

1.     It is not abnormal

The first thing is when your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think, don’t look at it as a bad thing because it’s not a bad thing.

In general it may be some time for you to reflect on you and yourself right now and this is one of the ways that you’re going to do it.

2.     Give her space

 Number two is give her the space if girlfriend says she needs space and time to think, give her that space, do not text her. Don’t call her every minute.

Just let her be. Let her be the one to text you, let her be the one to call you, let her initiate the contact with you.

women in their minds know a when a man is doing everything in his power to be with them, it’s a beautiful thing but when they get into a relationship or if they get involved with someone that they may be unsure that they’re a fit for them or maybe they are suffering or something that’s going on in their life right now, you may not know but the biggest thing that you can do for a woman is when she says that she needs space is not call her, not text her, let her initiate because in a woman’s mind what happens in their mind is when they start initiating contact with a man at this particular point is they see you as less available and it draws a connection and it draws an attraction to them and to you.

Because they start to think okay he’s okay with being alone, he’s okay without me and if women have feelings for you, they are not okay with that so it kind of switches her thinking and that’s exactly what you want to do and you want to give her her space because if she’s going through something personal it’s so important that you give her this space because eventually if this leads into a relationship or if you’re in a relationship right now you have to show her that you are able to give her that space in that time that she needs if you continue a relationship with her.

3.     Plan things to do with yourself

The third thing to do when your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think is to plan things to do with yourself or with other people and really enjoy them.

Make yourself busy during this time, do something that you’ve been wanting to do with yourself, with friends or family and just do it.

if it is that you live in Florida and you want to just do a quick trip to the Bahamas, do that.

Do something that will entertain your mind. Think of doing something that you enjoy instead of thinking of what is she doing.

Stop asking yourself questions like why does she need space ? does she like me ? are we breaking up ? all of these inside comments and this negative self-talk in your head is not going to do you any good.

so that’s why it’s so important to keep busy.

4 . Explore the relationship

The fourth thing to do when your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think is for you to take out time think about the relationship right now .

unless this is something like a family member just passed away or she’s maybe having a health issue or there’s something drastic going on her in her life right now.

explore the relationship because it’s really important that you’re with a partner that you can see a future with or you’re dating someone that you can see a future with.

so maybe where is it that you came up wrong ? what were your shortcomings in this relationship that led you to this point that she needed space ?

this is the only way that you can dissect what it is that you truly either went wrong in a relationship and how you can overcome this or how you can truly support this person and another thing is to check if she’s pushing you away a hundred percent because she’s going through something and she doesn’t want you around.

I mean you want to think about how ? what is the conversation that you’re going to have with her because life happens and if you get into a relationship or if you continue this relationship with this woman you want to be there with her through the hard times and so if it’s one of these two scenarios you want to really explore the relationship and how you’re going to confront her the next time that you speak to her.

of course you want to confront in a compassionate way not in an argument .

5.     Be confident and be happy

The fifth thing you want to do when your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think is for you to be confident and be happy.


Agreed you might have feelings for her but confidence is an attraction and confidence is happiness and people are attracted to that.

Just because she is not with you doesn’t mean that she’s not going to see this. you can post things on social media that you’re maybe swimming and you’re happy.

you’re out with friends being social, you want to be respectful but you also want to show her that you’re confident and you’re happy no matter what.

with her in your life and without her in your life because women look for this in a man they love, a strong man that can hold his own at the end of the day.

6.     Set Boundaries

Lastly, the sixth thing to do when your girlfriend says she needs space and time to think is setting the boundaries for space.

if she’s always asking for space, then its an indication that you are being too available for her. are you being too needy ? are you wanting to spend every waking minute with her ? I don’t know, think about those things.

if she’s asking for too much space in your relationship then you need to analyze this relationship and also set the boundaries for space, meaning if she’s asking for space then you’re going to go ahead and give her this space but you’re going to implement all of these things that I’ve told you in this post because this is how you set that boundaries.

Because what happens is when a woman says that she needs space,  she wants to see that the man is going to get her space and lastly if it’s something that she truly doesn’t want and she was challenging you or testing you she is never going to see this again because you were doing your own thing and you took space as a casual important thing for her and you still lived your best life.

that’s why it’s so important to set the boundaries for space.

Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think: Conclusion

Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think

In this post, I try to the tips above to any type of relationship. I  want to remind you that if a woman is wanting space, the best that you can do is turn within and see what you are doing in this relationship that needs to be healed or needs to be fixed or where you can show up better.

There’s only two things here, one either you can show up better maybe you weren’t showing up at all for her and that’s why she needs a space maybe that’s why she needs space to think about if this relationship is something that she wants to move on with only you will know that or two, maybe you were too involved in  the relationship and she needed space to analyze that this is something that she really wants.

If this is it then space is going to be key and mastering the space is going to be key in you guys relationship.

Feel free to comment below, I would love to hear from you what you would do if a girlfriend tells you that she needs space, what is it that you would do.

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