Hi! I’m Emmanuel. A dating and relationship coach that specializes in helping men to the imbibe the Alpha mindset and improve their dating lives.

Growing up, I discovered that I always attract beautiful women but the problem was that I was unable to keep these women.

Frustrated by the recurring experience, I turned to the internet for help.

It was out of this frustration, I remember typing the this words to google ‘How to dominate women?’, to my greatest surprise there was actually a book with that title by legendary dating coach Bobby Rio.

Reading that book marked the foundation me truly understanding the psychology of women and why I have always failed to keep them even after developing glaring chemistry with them.

Fast forward 6 months later, I read countless books and watched tons of videos to deeply dive into the feminine brain and understand how to attract and retain women.

With this immense knowledge, I set up this blog to share with other men the secrets and truth I learn along my journey unto personal and self improvement as it relates to dating and coaching.

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